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10 Methods to Drive Traffic to Website for Free

Drive more traffic to your website for free is an important step to establish and expand your business. Website traffic is an indicator of how well your website is doing. In order to do this, you need to improve your domain authority, SEO, and work more on analytics and search engine credibility. Focus on quality and unique content to drive traffic to website for free. Let us discuss some of the methods to drive traffic to the website for free:

1. ON Page SEO

SEO Made Simple: A Complete Guide in 2018|SEO Guide In 2018

SEO is the main factor everyone looks towards to increase their traffic. There are many tactics and algorithms to perform it. It helps in increasing your website ranking in search engines. Furthermore, it provides the advantage of deriving more traffic to your website. Unique High-Quality Content and Meta Description on your post is a must. A meta description is the one that appears under the title and URL in search engines and catches the attention of viewers.

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2. Social Media

The Best Tools to Track and Analyze Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media offers you a free marketing tool and has the potential to drive large traffic if used in just the right way. Use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps to promote your website and gathering more traffic. By doing this, you can engage your social media audience and turn them into your website audience.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks | SEO Best Practices [2020] - Moz

Someone who is new to the website may not know about Backlinks. A backlink links your website to another website. Moreover, good quality backlinks can generate more traffic to your website.

4. Tags

The What, Why, How and Who of Content Tagging for Content Personalization -  Business 2 Community

Don’t ignore the value of tags. By adding tags to your posts, you can reach out to people beyond your network. People who search for specific products and services can end up on your website just with the help of tags.

5. Long-tail Keywords

Benefits of long trail keyword over Search Engine Optimization

Targeting long-tail keywords are easy to rank in comparison to short-tail keywords. Even though short-tail keywords are searched more frequently but they are difficult to rank for. And if long-tail keywords can help you get higher ranking that means high traffic too.

6. Guest Blogging

What are the pros and cons of Guest Blogging? | Curvearro

Guest Blogging helps you to gather not only organic traffic but also helps you in promoting your content. Also, it will add a variety of content to your website. Moreover, you can accept guest blogging or you can be a guest blogger, it is up to you.

7. Online Directories

Top 20 Business Listing Sites: Where to Advertise Online for Free

One way to drive more traffic to your website is by getting listed in the online directories. Also, review sites offer traffic to your website. Creating profiles in online directories and review sites means these sites will have a link to your website. More likely, if you get a positive review then you can expect more traffic from these sites. Also, many online directories and review sites have strong domain authority on Goggle such as Yelp.

8. Email Marketing

6 Email Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business In 2019 | Hacker Noon

Email marketing helps you stay in touch with your customer in return which helps you to generate traffic. Regulating offers and newsletters through email marketing to provide information and linking it with your website can land more traffic. But be careful in sending emails as it shouldn’t be so frequent that your customer gets irritated and unsubscribe you or delete the emails you send. Also, put a strong emphasis on your subject line. Moreover, the subject line decides whether the customer will open your email or not. Furthermore, if it doesn’t get open then it can’t generate traffic anyhow.

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9. Engage Online

Online Community Engagement - Assoc Mgmt | Abila Blog

Engaging online is a boon to your business. Moreover, it is free to engage online so nothing can stop you. Online groups can help people engage with your website. Commenting on others’ blogs, asking questions, liking other people’s posts, and engaging in conversation can help. You will get more exposure and more people will visit your profile. Don’t forget to add the link to your website.

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10. Goggle My Business Listing

9 Steps to a Complete Google My Business Listing - Homebase Digital

Did you know about Goggle My Business Listing? It will help you in optimizing your business and generating more traffic. Goggle My Business Listing will link your listing to your website. It should provide all the information about your business then there are chances that you will get potential customers.

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