Everybody has their own perception. So, this article basically deals with what you see may not always be true. There is a difference between looking and seeing which many of us fails to understand. Let us talk about perception first.

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Keep a glass which contains water till its center and asks people to describe it. Then the two people have a different point of view. You will get two different answers that either it full till its center or it is half empty. Everybody has a different mental impression and way of interpreting and understanding things.

Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Even though the people might be looking at the same thing but they have their own point of view. This often leads to arguments. When asked what you see in this picture, then we might end up having different answers.

1. A face of an old man.
2. A man riding the horse.
3. A girl.
4. A stone bend over the river.
Yes, this is what exactly a perception is. We can have different views and understanding of the same thing.
Often the question arises should we believe what we see?

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We are going to talk about “Cognition” which means thinking and is the voice of the mind. It deals with the thoughts that run through our mind throughout the day. Moreover, it also includes the beliefs, ideas, perception, and understanding. You can encounter it in the situations and it provides you with the feedback, commentary and advises. This voice can be encouraging but also can be disheartening and discouraging. It can also be judgmental at the times. Our brain deals with millions of signals each day receiving and sending them. It contains information as it pays attention to each and everything. Storing so much of details and information becomes hectic.

So, it trains itself which thing need focus and attention. It is not necessary that the brain perceives what it sees, there lies the difference. Our eyes see things and send the signal to our brains. Then our brain takes a decision based on the understanding and experience and the things he already knows. So, here lies a difference what our brain perceives is different from what it sees.

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