Shadow of Inner


Visualization of your shadow is easy and you can see that it mimics your every movement. But what is difficult is seeing shadow of inner.

Sketched by: Akash Ranjan

Sketched by: Akash Ranjan

Small children enjoy raising their hand and then noticing a change in the shadow. Some of them even compare their height in the shadow. They find it fun to play with their shadows and also chase them. Most most of them try to get rid of it. That is why they hide somewhere where they can leave behind their shadow. But we have another shadow which most of us ignore or forget to notice. We can not see it on the ground in the form of reflection.

It is another type of shadow which resides inside you and wants to dictate you. It is not under your control but wants to control you and comes out only when it wants to. Your emotions, thoughts and movements are under its control. We always ignore it and want it to hide. But the better way is to bring it out and deal with it. Let us call this “Shadow of inner”.

What does this shadow of inner wants? And how can we see it?

Most of us have come across the situation where we thought that we don’t act this way. But we don’t know how it happened. To get a look of Shadow of inner and to bring it out, you can practice various methods. Through this, you can also know what is controlling you.


1. Don’t neglect or avoid it.

You don’t need to be afraid of it, accept it as a part of you. You might avoid the fact but you the creator of it. Many of you would think that the situations or the circumstances created it. No, it is not true. Your emotions controls you and that is how you created it. It feeds on your past and you get your emotional reactions. This shadow likes to play with you. Until you try to change the scenario and react differently to the emotional situation. There are two types of shadows, one is healthy and unhealthy. Negative one may bring hindrance and has a negative influence on your lives.

2. Make harmony with your past.

It is much difficult than said. After you make peace with the situations of the past, you are reprogramming yourself and shadow of the inner. You are healing it rather than feeding it. It doesn’t happen in a single day but requires time. Sometimes, it is important to take baby steps rather than the big one. You need to confront it by telling it that it no longer controls you. Nobody likes to change and in the same way it doesn’t, so it will fight with you. You need to be patient and love it at the same time because it is a part of you.

3. Notice your reactions.

You need to find the pattern and the cause of the reactions of your shadow. After you know them, then only you can reprogram it. You also need to let go of expectations.

4. Avoid acting impulsively.

There are very few situations which need and immediate reaction. Most of them need a lot of thinking before reacting. You need sometime for rationalizing.

5. Decide whether to dwell or reflect on past mistakes.

Most of us regret what we have done in our past or not done in our past. Rather than regretting we need to reflect upon them. Let everything go through your mind and learn the lesson through them. You need to forgive yourself and need to move forward.


Try to confront your shadow. You need to notice your reactions and the pattern of changes you are going through. It doesn’t want you to change, as I have said before. But you have to keep that voice away as it resist to change its nature. But you know that you have to change and shine.


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