Fear of losing the loved ones


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Developing fear.

We develop fear of losing the loved ones in our life. Why do we develop them?

We develop them when we love something and we are afraid to lose it. When we are good in a particular field and we can’t see anyone else excelling it. Sometimes, we are habitual and are not ready to leave it.

Biggest fear

The biggest fear arrives in relationship, not only the blood-ones but also the others. We don’t want to lose people whom we are close to. We have faults and are ready to accept them but fail to do so. Because admitting them might means creating differences from our loved ones. But, if we go deep inside then we surely realize that the true loved ones never get distant from us. It is the fear that make us think so. Fear can be of a very small thing too. Once you shouted, you get afraid of losing others.

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It is the two ways emotional war. When one person yells on the other and the other feels low and miserable. The other person becomes miserable because he/she never though that you will hurt him/her. We are ready to accept and understand our situation. We are also ready with the excuses if the other person is trying to make us understand.

Put ourselves in the shoes of others

When we face this kind of situation then it is not easy to escape emotional barriers. We wold find it difficult to avoid them. But say, our ego and fear doesn’t let us do it. It is the decision that we should made from the core of the heart. Rather than immediately reacting to the situation, patiently deal with it. You might get an answer that the fight isn’t the thing other person want. It is you whom he/she needs.

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