Over thinking or deep thinking


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We often get confused whether it is over thinking or deep thinking. I had a fight with my boyfriend. He told me that I am an over thinker but in my opinion it is not the same. We had arguments and tried to make each other understand. We had a fight that wouldn’t have taken place.

I went to one of my friends and told her the situation. She picked the right word in few minutes which solved the problem which I was carrying inside myself. She told me that “You are not over thinking but it is deep thinking”. Few of them know the difference between the two, that are, over thinking and deep thinking.

         Difference between deep thinking and over thinking?

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We sat to find out what is the difference between the two. So that, we can understand and explain it to others to solve the problem I was facing.

    Deep thinker

Deep thinker notes down every detail in-depth. They pay attention to everything they see, hear or feel. They see the bigger pictures than the others. Deep thinking is a positive attitude as it increases understanding and creativity. Deep thinkers have the patient to listen and think well enough before coming to the conclusions.

    Over thinker

Over thinking leads to the creation of the drama when there was none. They pay attention to the unnecessary things and create an issue. Over thinkers consider only themselves. Their world resides in the thoughts of what they want and what other people think about them. They are more concerned about their thoughts, actions and deeds. They think they are all that matters. This leads to complaining and nagging. They bring the negative vibes and power to the situation and many at times ruin the events or the relation. Over thinking induces ego.

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Why do we need to know the difference?

Due to the confusion, people use the wrong word which hurt the other person. As he/she doesn’t carry that nature defined by the other. They are not going to believe what the other person is saying. As their heart doesn’t permit them to get agree to who they are not. This results in opposition, arguments and fights. Use the right words to describe the situation. Otherwise, you hurt the other person to the extend you never thought of.


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