The Notebook


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    About the novel and the story

The Notebook is a novel and the writer is Nicholas Sparks. This story is of Noah and Allie. This story is of 1920 in North Carolina. The theme focuses on the young love that has to make some difficult choices. During one summer, both of them fall in love with each other. They belong from two different worlds. It is a classic story of regaining of the love after facing the phase of separation. This story touched the heart of many. It catches the attention of many that’s why you will not be able to keep this book down before finishing.

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After the separation and moving to different places, they became busy in their lives. After 14 years, the eyes of Allie catch a glimpse of an ad in the newspaper. It talks about the sale of a house by a young man. Allie wanted to see him and that is why she went to see him. Noah is very much happy to see Allie and welcomes her. Noah is going through that feeling again what he had before for Allie. Allie struggles to tell Noah that she had an engagement and soon she will be marrying.

But after spending some days together, their feelings emerge again. They realized that their feelings for each other never died. Now, they know that they have to make some tough decisions.

It is the time when her visit to the place where Noah belongs is getting over. Now, she needs to decide what she wants. She finally chooses Noah as she knows it is whom she belongs to.

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About the novelist

Nicholas describes everything so beautifully that one can imagine the depth of each character. He marks every detail which helps the reader to imagine that it is not the character but the person itself. He focuses on the thoughts and feelings of the characters.


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