All of us one or the more connection in life. But we often fail to see them easily. I was looking at her and I realized I couldn’t bear tear in her eyes. She was sitting in the second bench trying to cover it up. They make fun of her that she keeps crying but trust me I know the pain she is going through. She is so deep to understand. There is more to know about her rather than just talking about her crying. I can see that people are gossiping about her. She is trying very hard to escape from the vision of others.

She doesn’t have a friend who can console her and nobody talks to her.
It has been two years but I didn’t have enough confidence to approach her. I could feel her pain, her miseries and I know she is so deeply hurt by something. She is alone and not able to handle the situation. People make fun of her because they don’t know what she goes through every day.

She thinks escaping the questions of others will help. Yes, they do. What about the questions that are arising in her mind. She doesn’t need to ignore them. She needs to be strong enough. I am not asking her to hold it back. She must have been alone in those sleepless nights when needed someone.

I am so sorry for not being there when needed someone to talk to and to listen to you. Once you get to know about me, you wont hate me but love me more than ever. I don’t blame you for crying but I love you for who you are. I am not the one in the crowd that assumes things. But I am one of those who believe that you will rise one day, not for me but for yourself. I will be really happy that day. She looks at me and after seeing me, she is normal. May be I am not able to say all this to her with words but she understand my silence.


I know he keep noticing me. May be he also wonders about my crying like others? I don’t know much about him but something about him feels different. When other people stare at me, it feels miserable. But when he looks at me then his eyes doesn’t seem to have any question.

I was sitting on a bench of park. Usually, I am not habitual of people getting close to me. It seems that I am always alone. But there he comes and sat near me. It felt like, he has come there for me and so I can lighten my heart by letting it out. He just wanted to hear everything. It was so automatic that I couldn’t believe myself that I was doing it. I started crying and let out everything which I had bundled up in my heart.

He was there patiently listening to me rather than asking or interrupting. He was not being judgmental about me and I could make that out from his face. After I finished, we sat there for long silently. Finally I learned that some connections are from heart to heart. It felt that I have been searching for this guy for so long. But he was always there in front of my eyes. It is heart who decides whom to talk to, even when you have the crowd with you.

That day, we crossed the obstacles that were between us two of being alone. It is not necessary that you need to put your feelings into words to become a part of someones world. What is important is being there for someone unconditionally.

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