Hot spring


Many of us are familiar with the word “Hot spring”, but don’t know completely about them. It is a place which has a collection of hot water. This water becomes hot due to the energy created by the earth. As a matter of fact, it provides attraction to great number of tourists.

Formation of hot spring.

The collection of water due to rain or melting of the snow is groundwater. It seeps into the ground until it reaches the point where it can go no further after hitting the rocks. This water rises to the surface. This collection of water is spring. After all, not all the spring is hot spring. Only few earn this name by producing enough hot water.

Furthermore, one can find around 40-50 hot springs in the world. When there is a generation of large amount of heat then rising magma gets close to the earth’s surface. We need to remember that not all hot spring leads to volcanic eruptions.

There are two types of hot springs. Not only “Wild” springs exists but also there are “Develop” springs. The former one is on public land and is accessible without any charge. The develop springs are for profit and that is why they charge.

Where can we find them?

In many of the countries you can find them. Some examples are here.

1. Bhutan

Some are present in Gasa. Others are Duer in Bhunmthang, Koma in Punakha.

2. China

Most of them are in Southern China. Fouzhou, Zhuhai and other places have hot spring.

3. Indonesia

It has a lot of hot springs. Moreover, some are the tourist places. Additionally, many are part of the temples because we believe that they are holy. One of the famous hot springs is Bali.

4. Taiwan

As it is present on the Pacific Ring of Fire, many hot springs are present here.


If you want to access the commercial hot spring, then it is pretty easy to do so. One can do as the in-charge of the property ask. The owner has the access to it. But it is hard to access the spring on public area as they have a careful control over them. Hot spring that is in national parks and monuments are available for free.

What are the rules and etiquette you need to follow?

1. Shower before entering the spring especially for the commercial ones.

2. A pair of flip-flops and a towel.

3. We need to be careful about the use of camera.

4. Check the temperature before entering the spring and be careful they are acidic too.

There is a chance of getting infections. PAM is a protozoa which is present in hot springs. The contaminated water can also cause several diseases.

We need to be extremely careful. These are the natural beauties that we can enjoy. But that doesn’t mean we can exploit them. Every natural thing has its own value and beauty and we really need to taken care of it.



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