Is it Depression or Sadness?


Is it sadness or depression?

One of your friend is sad. She is behaving weird, not talking to anyone. She fails to react on most of the things and likes to be alone. Here the major question arise. Is she in depression or she is sad?

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Yes, we need to know the difference between the depression and the sadness. Most of us often get confuse between the two and use them in the wrong sense. We hyper ventilate the situation when we don’t need to. And it happens due to the lack of information.

They seem to be quiet same but they have a lot of difference. Sadness is not a disease or an illness. Depression contains deep of sadness.


Sadness is a normal human emotion which is very normal. All of us feel it at some point of time in our life. Either it is a loss or disappointment, we get sad. Sadness is when the normal things happen in such a way that they are hurtful and disappointing. It does not persist for a long time but can occur at a regular interval of time. Laughter is also a part of this period. It also changes the sleep cycle.

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Depression is an every moment thing where laughter can not interrupt in between. Even if the most comedian will try, he won’t be able to make you laugh. In this case, a person might be thinking of hurting himself. He can also attempt suicidal attempts.

Major difference between the two.

Sadness gives way to negative thoughts but depression converts it into suicidal ideas. Depression destroys our way of enjoyment completely but sadness only reduces it.

What to do?

Sadness is normal but depression is life changing. You need to consult doctor for it. It is a serious issue. If any of your friend or relative is suffering from depression then you really need to take care of them. Ask them to talk to you with an open heart and listen to them patiently. Make them feel that nothing is going wrong and everything is normal. And even if everything is against the person then it will be fine after sometime. Life is beautiful and you need to enjoy and appreciate every moment of it.

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