Risk is worth taking


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Risk means exposing yourself to the dangerous situation. In simple words, you put yourself in a situation of danger, harm, hurt or loss. It is relates to the potential in which you either gain or lose the things which values to you. Well, I am not talking about the dumb risks that involve drinking alcohol, roaming around for no reason. These people are fooling themselves and getting nowhere. Risk is worth taking.

How to decide what is risky?

If the situation demands anything that values to you then it involves risk. It may be anything, extremely valuable or lovable that you may not get back.

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Why don’t we want to take risks?

All of us like the life in a peaceful way. That is the reason we want to stick to our comfort zone. We want to live a life that does not involve risk, stress and loss. That is why our life is so slow and we do not get anywhere. Not only us, but most of the people in this world does not encourage taking risks.

One of the foremost things is Our SECURITY. We always want to do the things in a familiar and a predictable way. A person always choose the method that other people adopted. We always have fear and doubts while taking risk. There is a lack of will power. But are we realizing it that they are keeping us away from our dreams?

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Why risk taking is a good idea?

Also avoiding danger and risk is not a good idea. It reduces our exposure and our creativity. Most of the people are still doing their old jobs without satisfaction. The reason behind this is that they want job security. But they are forgetting that this is keeping them away from the satisfying and a successful life.

If you are afraid of making mistakes, then you don’t need to. Most of us make mistakes. You need to take challenges for the improvement of your personal growth. Moreover, there are some risks that most of us faced. Going to schools and facing the risk of passing the exams. A married person faces a risk of divorce. We need to admit it to ourselves when we take risk we perform better.

If you are facing a risk or making a decision after knowing that the things may wrong. Then, put all the measure together take some precautions. That does not mean that you are out of risk now and everything is going to be perfect. You need to be ready and should be able to handle the unexpected results and the outcome.

If you are ignoring the pain of risking then you are also disapproving the opportunity. A chance of feeling the change of learning and growing.

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