When you detect emotions of others and experience their feelings then this ability is empathy. Your this ability can act as a boon or a bane. We can help the other person in changing their state of mind or approaching the situation in a different way. Most often, when people face the emotional barriers then they can not detect the right situation and the alternatives. Thus, they are not able to make decision rationally. This is how it act as a boon.

It is a bane and we get entangled and restless when we feel the emotions of others. Empathy is all about feeling the emotions of others. Empathetic people feel for others and they are really sympathetic.

Understanding one’s feeling is not the end of being an empathetic person. What matters is that what you do as a result.
Let us understand how being empathetic can be useful.

First of all, we connect our sense of identity by emphasizing. The person feeling miserable will not feel alone. So, in some way it helps the person to get better. He or she feel relief that there is someone who understand him or her. They welcome the non-judgemental quality by the emphasizing person. It also provides the healing. When a person says that he cares for you then surely he take care of himself too. It also shows your concern towards the other person. That is why it builds trust between the two. The other person will really appreciate your efforts and concern.

Empathy is one of the most important element in the communication. When you empathize than only you get feedback and responsive. And this is what effective communication is all about. Suppose you are taking and thinking that the other person is understanding your point of view. Then everything is going in a wrong way.

Therefore, empathetic behaviour is very important. At the very first level, you have to detect their state of emotions. You can do this by listening to them carefully than understanding that why are they saying it. Feeling their state makes the decision more accurate. This can be really helpful in taking them in the other direction.

You have to notice every minute detail and the changes of the person so you can detect. You have to think rationally. Don’t forget that the only person who can confirm empathy is the person who is going through the feeling. It is a positive and an effective to deal with people.


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