Bloodline is a novel of 1977. The writer of the novel is Sidney Sheldon. The story is about the family of Roffe and Sons which is an international empire. It includes family members which are desperate and hungry for money. The family includes these members:

1. Anna Roffe and her husband Walther Gassner- Bloodline was the reason of Walther marrying Anna.

2. Simonetta was blackmailed by Donatella who is her husband’s mistress. Her husband is Ivo Palazzi.

3. Helene Roffe- She had divorced thrice and married to Charles Martel. Martel steals the jewellery of his wife and invests in a vineyard. But the money drowns.

4. Alec Nichols- His mother was Roffe and his wife is Vivian. His wife was addicted to gambling due to which he was pushed into debts.

Moreover, after knowing about everyone, it becomes clear that everyone is in the need of the money.

This international empire is managed by Sam Roffe and his assistant Rhys Williams. Sam Roffe had a daughter named Elizabeth but he was expecting a son. During childhood , she didn’t get love of her father. But she managed to escape th reality by reading about Samuel Roffe who is her great great grandfather.

Her great great grandfather was born in a Jewish ghetto. It was systematically controlled by officials. It was so strict that the gate has its opening time after sunrise and closing time before sunset. After the death of the mother of Samuel Roffe, he wanted to become a doctor. He wanders around the house of a doctor and finally falls for the daughter of the doctor. Her marriage got fixed to which she denies because she believes that she is in love with Samuel. The doctor gives Samuel six months to prove himself and finally Sameul did that by making a vaccine.

Elizabeth went to the Swizz boarding school. And after coming back she made to organize parties like her mother. Her father died in a hiking accident and that makes her involves in the business. Her family members ask her to sell the stocks and make the company public. But she refuses to the suggestions of the money hungry family. As her father was against the making the company public. She finds that someone is trying to destroy the company through one confidential report. She escapes the death twice. One in the car accident and other one in the lift. She falls for Rhys Williams while searching for the culprit.

This story has a lot of suspense. It is a piece of crime and thrillers. It is a murder mystery. You would not be able to identify the culprit until Sidney Sheldon announce it. Therefore, your interest will remain maintained throughout the story. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it. This book will force you to turn the pages and go on.


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