Sorry or Apology!


‏Somewhere or the other we always makes mistakes. These mistakes occur knowingly or unknowingly. We all know that we have flaws. After making the mistake, it is up to us whether or not to accept it. Some mistakes are easy to ignore. But some hurt so badly. Some of us apologize. And some of us confess and mean it by saying SORRY. So what is the difference between the two? Should we use sorry or apology.

There is a subtle difference between the two. When you make a mistake then the formal admission of that mistake is apology. It is not necessary that it needs to be heartfelt . So, the person can also apologize without feeling. Saying sorry is the faithful and truer admission of the mistake.

Sorry is a heartfelt apology.When you say you are sorry then it also shows your sympathy. Suppose one of your friends had a great loss. Then if you say “I am sorry” then that means you are sympathizing. But if you say “I apologize” then you are using the wrong statement. As apology is only for wrongdoing. And you haven’t made any mistake here. It is useful when someone is facing a personal tragedy that didn’t occur because of you.

What other differences are there?

When you use the word sorry then it is not necessary that you are getting the blame. But in apologizing, the blame is on you. Sorrow makes you feel to be sorry. But regret and also the responsibility are the elements which makes you apologize. The feeling of sorry occurs from emotional and empathetic. Intellectual and emotional feelings create the feeling of apologizing. Sorry is an informal way and apology is a formal way of admitting the wrongdoing. We say Sorry when something wrong happens and it is not necessary that it relates to you. Apology is feeling sorry for the inconvenience and the troubles.

Use the correct word for expressing your feeling. As you want to say something but your words alter the meaning of what you want to convey.



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