Science & Technology


We often use the words, science and technology interchangeably. Do we know the correct meaning of these words? Further some people will not know the difference between science and technology.

Science word originated from the Latin word “Scientia“. It means a system of gaining or acquiring knowledge based on the scientific processes or methods. Moreover, technology is itself a broad concept. It provides us with the tools that help the person to easily adapt to the environment. It also makes the work easier, improve the efficiency and makes the task faster.

After all they have different goals.
Science is to pursuit the knowledge for its own sake.
Technology is to solve problems and improve human life by making products.
Also, we can simply say, technology is a practical application of science. These two have different motto. Let’s me describe the two differently so you can understand their meaning properly.
The aim of the science is knowing. It relates to the search the theory and the causes. Science provide relevance by making the value free statements which are virtual. It follows the methods of analysis, generalized and creation of theories. Also, it mainly focuses on the understanding of the natural phenomena. The discovery of any theory is always controlled by the experiment. It always provide summary, results and the conclusion based on the theories and data.‍

Also, the motto of the technology is doing. In addition, it search for the theories related to new processes. Technology is performing the activities that are relevant and has value. As well as, it follows the method of analysis and synthesis of design. Technology helps in understanding of the made environment. Also it helps us in taking good decision based on the approximate models.
Both of them overlaps in the applied science. But the two has the difference between them.


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