Most deadliest roads in world!


Today almost 50 percent of the world population loves to go on an adventure. But after hearing adventure, what comes first in your mind? Is it a road trip or some adventure sport? Well there is nothing more adventurous like a road trip with deadliest curves and gravel tracks. And the moment you will see those damaged vehicles thousands of feets below, it will almost kill you. But for the people who believe in risking their life for fun, it is the best way. Lets take a look to some of the most deadliest roads in world.

1. Dalton Highway- Alaska

Want to get away from messy life? Then travel through The James W. Dalton Highway which will provide you the degree of confinement. Moreover, you will find only three villages along this 666 km Dalton road. Futhermore, Icy conditions and cold winds are common for the drivers. And the blend of these two makes the highway slippery for the drivers.

2. North Yungas Road- Bolivia

Before the development of Bolivia in 90’s this 4,650m road was identified to be the most venturesome road in the world. Moreover, only adventurers take this thin edgy road to reach the mountain. But being at this much height, the speed of wind gets very high and the risk of going off the edge makes it more threatening.

3. Atlantic Road- Norway

Said to be one of the most spectacular roads. And adventure lovers generally use this road for a trip. Linking islands such as Molde and Kritansund, this highway is approx five mile long. As a matter of fact, Atlantic road flaunts through eight bridges and has despicable extent along an ocean whose weather conditions and waves can make you crazy.

4. Guoliang Tunnel Road- China

Infact it is built by about 13 local villagers of China. This road is full of sculptured tunnels which measures 15ft in height and 12ft in width. Basically the Guoliang Tunnel Road has a meaning “Road that tolerates no mistakes”. And now it has become one of the most abrupted roads and a major tourist place.

5. Zojila Pass- India

Being the most important link between Ladakh and Kashmir, the altitude of Zojila Pass is about 3500m and is 9 km long. Moreover Mars Rover is said to be the most favourable vehicle for driving on Zojila Pass which is full of edgy rocks and slides. Well this segment of rocks and mountain is not really for driving.


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