Cold french fries tastes terrible!



Who like the cold french fries instead of the crispy one? Nobody can deny french fries but not the cold one. There is no match to the crunchy french fries. It is an attraction to many when they are hot. But many of us do not even touch it when it gets soggy. Soggy french fries are rigid, grainy as well as flavorless. Nothing seems worst than these kind of french fries.

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Have you ever thought that how from the perfect french fries that are golden, warm and crispy, it becomes soggy one? From a delicious good that you cannot stop eating to a food and can’t get rid of to the food which you don’t even want to touch? What is the reason behind of losing the appeal of cold french fries?

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One of the main reason is that their texture changes when they are cold. Moreover, this change is explained with the help of the theory of potatoes. Potatoes contains starch. Due to the hydration, scratch taste good. We can think of the starch as a tiny crystal spheres in potatoes. When they are in fryers or at high temperature, then water gets collected in these spheres and make them like balloon. They do not remain hard anymore but they get poofy which is liked by people.

But as the french fries get cools down, water starts to get out of the crystal. This results in the loss of fluffy and poofy texture. Moreover, crystals becomes more gritty as well as crystalline. After leaving the sphere, water goes into the crust of the fry. Therefore, the crust turns soggy. Temperature also plays a role here. Heat is very much useful if you want to highten the flavour in your food. Small plays a very important role. People often want to eat what smells tasty. One can feel the great aroma in the hot fresh french fries. But the smell disappears when they are cold. With the disappearance of the smell, lot of flavours also vanish.

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