City with no Governance!


People are facing the trouble due to the currency exchange and the step taken by our Prime Minister Modi. India is fighting with the major issue of black money. In fact, every black money holder is afraid to get raid by the income tax. This is not just the problem with India but with other countries too. Coming to the other major common issues faced by the people in the countries Religion, Politics, Corruption. Isnt it difficult or say almost impossible to imagine a place where these problems does not occur or exist? The shocking news is that this kind of a place exists in our very own country, India. A city with no governance, no relation with religion, party or any currency.

Furthermore in this city of India, there is no usage of currency and run without any interference of the government. No more suspense, the name of the city is Auroville in the Viluppuram, a district of Tamil Nadu. This place is 150 kilometers away from Chennai. One gets the opportunity to feel free and live peacefully by enjoying the free environment. This place was discovered in the year 1968 by UNESCO. With the population less than that of a village, nearly 2,400 people accommodate here. This is one of the major attractions for visiting the place.

Everything has a meaning, so the name of the village. It means a universal town where all the men and women come to live in peace and progressive harmony. The soul motive of forming this kind of place is to realize that unity of the human. It is more important than the politics, religion, nationality and creeds. Moreover the designer of this place is Mirra Alfassa who is Architecture from France. It has a modern look with the extra ordinary designs.

Facts that may shock you

Even though the place consists of 2,400 people but they are not under the control of any law and politics. And this is the reason why it is known as a city with no governance. Circulation of currency does not place and this is the main reason why people live happily here. Moreover, wonderful part is that the people living in this place belong to 50 different countries. Even though they have their different religion and beliefs, they live together happily without any religious fights. Moreover, there is no usage of currency then this simply means that they exchange things with each other.

This is just not enough. Can you imagine your life with the no permanent house? This is really difficult. This is the main attraction of the place: There is no permanent house here. Changing the house helps them in taking an advantage of nature and getting the maximum benefit from it. It covers the area of 160 hectares. It has 15 farms for agriculture purposes where 50 local people along with 300 neighboring people grow vegetable for livelihood. Proper production of milk and fruits adds to the quality of the living.


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