Places to visit before they get disappeared!


Our world is a beautiful place having a lot of awe-inspiring places. But the cruel things from powerful forces of erosion to rising seas are becoming the factors of making the current wonders unrecognizable in the upcoming time. We are providing you with the list of five such places to visit before they get disappeared! They will vanish with the passage of time and climate change.

1. Venice, Italy

One of the iconic cities which is sinking rapidly. It hovers a lagoon and canals make the streets of Venice rise by 2mm every year. This submerge reminds us of history and ravaging architecture. The Experts warned us that without intervention this beautiful city on stilts will disappear at a faster rate into the water. The main reason is rising of sea level due to the melting of polar ice caps. You must go visit this place before the sea reclaims it.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

The adventurous tourists are attracted to this outstanding piece of archaeology for century into the mountains of South America. This land is facing a severe problem of increased foot traffic which is accelerated by tourism. Moreover, the natural erosion also plays a role in destroying this gorgeous place. The Peruvian government took a step to decrease the foot traffic. They introduced a cable car so the place is accessible to many. Furthermore, it cut down the number of intense hike up to the Incan ruins. The Officials suspended the project but the future of this place remain uncertain. You should go and climb the steps to this site to marvel before it ruins.

3. Madagascar, Africa

The unique animal population of this island nation is left from vulnerable to extinction due to the massive deforestation. Madagascar is huddled off at the coast of Africa. It is a home to expanses rainforest which has thousands of unique animal species. It is also a home to the oldest trees in the world that are the ancient Baobabs. One should go and explore and experience the joy of this paradise before it fades from existence.

4. Glacier National Park, Montana

Everyone is aware with the fact that ice caps are melting. This fact is more visible in the Glacier National Park in the United States. The glaciers are the landmark and the majestic beauty of this place. The estimate indicates that it will disappear entirely in the next two decades. One should take a view before the intense sunshine of the carbon footprints destroy it completely.

5. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Hidden beneath the waves, The Great Barrier Reef is dying off at a very fast rate. Nearly fifty percent of this coral has gone due to population and disease. You should Visit it soon but just remember that you practice eco tourism to keep it away from furthermore degradation.



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