Spread goodwill on this Christmas!


Christmas is so near and most of us have not even decided what we want to gift our friends and relatives. Christmas is all about celebrating and gifts. Buying presents is a common way to show our love and affection towards our loved ones. One of the problems arises while gifting is – The Money Problem. We need to give presents to so many people that mean we need to spend a lot of money. However, it is also possible to gift without having something that cost nothing. Yet, you can have a great impact on the lives of people you care about.
Here are seven gestures in our hold that can spread goodwill on this Christmas:

1. Complimenting the other person:

A warm and sincere compliment can make someone’s day and as well as can brighten it. Praise the other person for their well-being. Make sure you thank your parents for all the things they did for you. Coming to the Christmas party, compliment someone how much pretty their outfit is or how much you like their gift. Having the dinner at your favorite restaurant make the Christmas special for the chef by letting him know how much you like it. Just remember- “The more you give, the more you receive!”

2. Making something for someone:

When gifts are made with the personal touch then they really contain a feeling. Well, they are also the heartfelt gifts. Card for Christmas can bring a smile on the face of the receiver, baking a patch of cookies will also do a lot of good. Writing a poem for your loved ones is another heart touching gift. Don’t expect anything in return. When you give a gift, it is supposed to be without any expectations. Avoid irrelevant things such as whether they are nice to you or not, whether they will like it or not.

3. Send a small letter, email or a text message on social media:

In today’s world, it is so easy to have access to e-cards. Send an e-card to someone with a heartfelt message with whom you have not spoken to. Send a message on the social media just to be nice and wish them a merry Christmas. It is beside the point whether they will respond or not. It gives you a way to let them know that they are important to you especially on the important occasions like Christmas.

4. Boss and employee relation:

As a boss, take this Christmas as an especial occasion to tell your employees what a great job they are doing. Furthermore, send them a personal appreciation note or a letter. If you are an employee then do something unusual this Christmas. Amaze your boss with a sincere compliment.

5. Sharing your skill:

One of the best ideas to make this Christmas a different one is by sharing your skills. Think what are you good at? Are you good at making cookies or ornaments? Put your skills to help someone out. Each one of us carries one or the other talent or the skill that can make someone else happy.

6. Helping someone shine:
Many of us are unaware of the talent we possess or are waiting for a platform or an opportunity to show it. Let us organize a party or a gathering with friends for showcasing their talent. Putting a spotlight on the talent they have can make them happy.

7. Connect like minds:
Ask your friends to come to your hose and also invite your relatives. Introduce your friends and the relatives with the similar mind and interests. Having a familiar thinking and interest can help them connect in a better way. However it will also help you in letting your friends know that you value them like your family members.


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