One breath apart!


You know how
She was ……..
Standing we were
one breath apart

I touched her hands
She clutched, warm
They were, something
That doesn’t mean nothing

Close came, she
Stood on my toes
Felt I, so light her
One breath apart

Seeking something into her, eye
Contact we made
Brushing her hair
I sighed her shy

They looked through
Me, looking into them
Her eyes were
Simply angelic

Nothing we had
Between us
We could find but,
A little frozen air

No more the air was
It paved a way
It left us
Alone, we were two

No more we were two
Became one
The one in the heavens
In cradle of love

Every bit of me
Touched hers and,
Was her every bit
Pleasingly wonderful

Our lips caressed
Each other’s, they kissed and
Kissed more and
More they kissed

Closed, her eyes
Kissing her, eyes
We felt floating
So light we were

No more were we standing
We were not, still
One breath apart
One breath apart.



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