Tuesdays With Morrie


I was hooked when I started reading Tuesdays With Morrie. The whole book is about an old man reflecting on his life. I have noticed that the old people do not judge as much as the young people of our age do. They always provide us with an advice based on their experiences rather than their judgements. Morrie does not hold on to past experiences much. In fact, he believes in forgiveness and love those people who surrounds him.

This story is true and real. The author is Mitch Albom. The author starts the story in 1979. He talks about the days of spring when he was a college student at Brandeis University. Morrie Schwartz was his favourite teacher who used to teach him a social psychology course. Mitch always turns to Morrie as that one person in life you have never ending admiration for and for knowledge and advice. That makes Morrie a mentor of Mitch. During Mitch’s graduation, Mitch introduces Morrie to his parents. Mitch promised Morrie that he will stay in touch but he does not.
After 15 years, Morrie suffers with an incurable illness named Lou Gehrig’s disease. By that time, Mitch turned into a successful sports journalist and settled in Detroit. Even though, his life was materially fine with a lot of money but he does not seem to be happy.

True Meaning of life

In 1995, Ted Koppel interviewed Morrie on ABC’s Nightline. Mitch decides to reconnect with Morrie after seeing him on television. Therefore, he travels to the house of Morrie. He freezes after seeing Morrie after 16 years. He has no words and then Morrie hugs him after which they start talking. Moorie tells Mitch that he is dying and whether he should tell him how it feels like. After this Mitch started visiting Morrie every Tuesday. They planned that these talks should be held like classes even though the Mitch was the only student. “The Meaning of Life” is the subject. Although there were no final exams, he was expected to produce one long paper based on his learning. Book is the paper itself.

The first Tuesday started talking about the World. While talking Mitch notices a stack of newspaper in Morrie’s kitchen. On this Morrie says that it does not mean that if he is dying then he should not bother about the world. Moreover, he can feel their suffering as if he is suffering himself. So he can feel better.

The another reason why I like this book so much is that because Morrie is philosophical. As everything happens for a reason. This statement is so true. I feel confident enough and started raking everything in a positive way. Now, I understand that failure is a part of being successful. What matters is your efforts and keep trying. Other topics and aspects of life that were discussed are “Feeling Sorry For Yourself, Regrets, Death, Family, Emotions and Forgiveness.”
Death is my favourite topic.

As soon as Morrie discovers that he is sick, he doesn’t hold back until the end. He keeps moving forward without any fear. Morrie told Mitch that once you learn how to die, you learn how to live. It is a very meaningful quote. Because I think he is trying to say that once you lose the fear of death you can make every second count when you’re alive.

Power of Love

It is a chapter of family. In this, Morrie tells Mitch that how materialistic things such as money and fame can replace your loved once. Morrie mentions a quote from the poet W.H. Auden “Love each other or perish” which is true according to me. When you know there are people in your life who are going to protect you then nothing is Moe powerful than this. As a physiologist, he focused on the important of family, love and respect than money and power.
I had read this book twice but skipped the chapters in which Morrie dies in order to avoid tears. What Mitch learned from Morrie is that there is no such thing as “too late” in life. After this Mitch reconnects to his brother which whom he has lost touch with. Furthermore, he dedicates his book his brother.


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