First 10 employees at the company Apple!


When we hear the word “Apple” then what is the very first thing that comes to our mind? The answer is “Steve Jobs”. He is the one who is directly linked and tied to the Apple company. Steve Jobs was the driving force for the company who turned this company into the most valuable tech company. As all of us knows that no one can do this alone. So the Jobs didn’t do it all alone. He had a team of very talented people who were helping him build. But the very sad note is that many of us don’t remember them. Hence, here is an information about the first 10 employees at the company Apple. This involves Steve Jobs too and Steve Wozniak too.

Michael Scott, Apple’s first CEO gave the bunch of color on the early days. Steve Wozniak gave the list of the early employees and it was totally based on his memory.

1. Gary Martin

He was in charge of the accounting. He thought that the company was going to flop but anyways he ended up joining the company. Till 1983, he stayed in the company. From this he jumped to a company working on space travel that is Starstruck. In another few decades, he jumped from one CFO position of one company to another.

2. Sherry Livingston

She was the right hand for the first CEO of Apple. She did a lot for the company as the first Secretary at Apple. Sherry was hired by Michael Scott who said that she did all works odds and ends for the company in the early days.

3. Chris Espinosa

He joined Apple at the age of 14 and was in high school. He was doing a part time job there. But he is still working there. At this point of time, he is the longest serving employee.

4. Michael Scott

Michael Scott was the original CEO of Apple. His another name was Scotty. He organized the company. Mike Markkula who invested $250,000 in Apple brought Scott as CEO. He helped out in mapping the business plan.

5. Randy Wigginton

The main job of Randy Wigginton was to rewrite BASIC for Apple II which is an early programming language. He actually ended up working for various important and popular tech companies such as eBay, Google, Chegg and Square and several others.

6. Rod Holt

He was the highly regarded designer in Apple. Initially, he was skeptical of joking this company. Holt was very important in the development of Apple II. He helped in developing the power supply for the Apple II. Holt said that after six years, he was pushed out of the company by the new management.

7. Bill Fernandez

He met Steve Jobs when Jobs was a new student at Cupertino Junior High School. Bill was also a neighbour as well as a friend of Steve Wozniak. He was hired as the first employee in the company Apple. Bill occupied many positions in the company from hardware to software and finally in the user interface design. He also worked in many projects, let it be, Apple I, Apple II, MacOS, QuickTime and other software and hardware projects. He worked with Apple until 1993. After which he worked at a database company, Ingres. He is currently a CEO at a company Omnibiotics.

8. Mike Markkula

He was the moneyman of the company who invested $250,000 in the company. Mike took 30% of the company in exchange for his investment. He helped in managing the company, hired the first CEO, develop the business plan as well as insisted Steve Wozniak to join the company. Before this he was an early Intel employee. At the age of 30, he became millionaire when the company went public. His investment was less than 10% of his total worth at the time.


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