Why acid attacks are increasing in India?


Despite stricter laws and punishments for the criminals of acid attacks, India still face increase in the acid attacks. The main question arises – Why acid attacks are increasing in India?
Every acid attack victim goes through a horrible pain which not all of us can neither understand not imagine. And the main challenge for these victims is the proper medical challenge which many of them fails to receive. In fact, India has very limited number of specialized burn hospitals. It almost becomes impossible for the acid victim to get in the affordable government hospital as they are always flooding with the burn patients. For the healing of these wounds takes a time period of four to five months.

In the recent years, the statistics shows the increase in the number of acid attacks in the South Asian countries. According to the Acid Survivors Foundation India (ASFI), in 2012, there were around 106 attacks, 122 in 2013 and 349 in 2014. According to Activists, the figure increased over 500 in 2015. But in reality, many cases still remain unreported. According to the estimation, around 1,000 acid attacks takes place every year in India.

Coming to the discussion about rural areas, many victims die during the attack. Many at times, people hide the information of the attack if the attacker is a family member or a husband. The majority of the victims of the acid attack are women reveals a report by the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI). According to this report, the main reason of this attacks are domestic or land disputes, a rejection of marriage proposal or sexual advances.

Alok Dixit who is the founder of the Stop Acid Attacks (SAA) campaign based in New Delhi becomes a helping hand for the acid survivors. He established a cafe in the northern city of Agra that is run by acid attack survivors. This cafe had a positive impact on these people and that’s why he opened another cafe in Lucknow. He is further planning to open two more cafes in Udaipur and New Delhi. We believe that laws alone can’t stop this, we also need to focus on social changes. This offense is a passion crime especially by family members or friends. This is why social awareness is very important.

Government needs to take some necessary steps in order to stop this horrible attack. The very first step is to stop the sale of acid in the retail market. There should be strict laws for the attackers and even the implementation needs to be strict and serious. There should be proper medical treatment as these people still struggle for this.


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