Dangerous activities to beat your fear in 2017!


Are you an adventure lover or adventure freak? Are you looking for that one chance that will beat fear out of you? Then for this, you must try some of the adventurous activities. These activities will not only help you in having guaranteed fun but will also give you an unforgettable experience. These activities will give you the best possible thrills. You just have to keep in mind that you need to do these activities and it will need a lot of dare. So, you need to take this as a challenge. Let’s try dangerous activities to beat your fear in 2017!

1. Downhill Mountain Biking

Some of you must have heard about Downhill Mountain Biking. But have you ever thought of trying this activity in reality? Frankly speaking, this activity is full of excitement and fear. It is definitely a risk taking activity that requires going down the hill that involves front and rear suspension with almost over 8 inches of travel.

2. Running with the bulls

Remember seeing this activity in the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”? It is basically a festival in Spain, Portugal and Mexico which is celebrated for eight days. It involves running in the same line in front of a small group of cattles. Well, like every game it also has rules to follow. Obviously, it is one of the risky game.

3. El Caminito Del Rey Trekking

You surely need a lot of courage and guts before you decide to take on this activity. El Caminito is a walkway that is pinned along the walls of a very narrow gorge. It is in El Corro, Spain. The pathway is 110 year old.

4. Big Wave Surfing

To be frank, not many of us can take this risk activity. If you are unaware of the fact that how risky, crazy and adventurous this activity is. Then Google some videos, I am sure you will get some idea. It is very dangerous.

5. Cage Dive in Shark Alley

For those who are interested in underwater activities then this activity is worth trying for. It is an absolute amazing and equally dangerous activity. Basically, Shark Alley is a hinting ground which has massive white sharks underwater.

6. Cave Diving

Don’t misunderstand it by thinking that it is a normal diving. In this, one has to go deep down where the water-filled caves. It has a lot of physical features which are amazing to look at. You may also face a lot of darkness while exploring the caves that is why it is one of the dangerous activities.

7. Hang Gliding

It is a sports activity which is very dangerous and risk taking. In this activity, a person flies the hang gliding. You need to be careful while going down the Earth.



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