Raees- Shahrukh Khan has set the box office on fire!


Raees- Shahrukh Khan has set the box office on fire. Full of thrilling actions of Shah Rukh Khan along with mixture of drama and romance. Well, many of Shah Rukh Khan’s lovers are unaware with the fact that this movie is a biography of a businessman. Inspired by the true events of 80s and 90s, it is a fictionalized story that concentrates on the rise and fall of a gangster in Gujarat which is an alcohol prohibited state.

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Rahul Dholakia is the director of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddique and Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub are the star cast. Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of Raees Alam.

The story is entirely of the place Fatehpur in Gujarat. Moreover, the script written by the four writers does a brilliant job of inviting us into the Raees’s life. Raees inspiration was his mom starting from the very early stage of life. His mom was a ragpicker who once said – “Koi dhanda chota ya bada nahi hota hai aur dharam dhande se badkar nahi hota hai”. It means that no occupation is small or big and no religion is bigger than one’s occupation or business.

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With this mantra and philosophy, Raees sets his steps in the outer world with his own terms. He starts with a small work by working for Jairaj Seth. Atul Kulkarni, Jairaj Seth whose work is involves various brands of liquor. He appoints Raees because Raees has ” baniye ka dimag aur miyanbhai ki daring”. It means Raees is shrewd like shopkeeper and full of daring like Muslim. Rest of the tale is about how he becomes formidable figure in the society by gradually growing.

Coming to the plot, it offers nothing that you have not seen before with its complex scenes. First half is promising and interesting and the second half involves Inspector Majumdar. The second half holds your attention strong and with equal gusto as the first half. Unfortunately, the climax is a very predictable one that bad things happen to bad people.

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The film is largely raised to the high standard due to the performance of Shah Rukh Khan and also the dramatic dialogues which were successful enough to churn the emotions of the viewers. Shah Rukh Khan plays an eponymous character with sincerity and aplomb. He emerges out to be a sympathetic as well as admirable character. His excellent performance of portraying a brutal character is appreciable along with the soft tone in equal measure.

Nawazuddin Siddique who is well-known for his acting is playing a part of Jaideep Majumdar, an IPS Officer is equally competent. Chase between him and Raees like chase of cat and mouse had full of vibrant dialogues makes the movie more interesting. Moreover, hooked by seeing both of them together.

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Raees’ friend Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub is a partner of Raees in crime. He is effortless as well as affable. Mahira Khan plays the role of wife of Raees, Mohsina who adds to the romance in the story. The songs of the movie – “Dil Ki patang udi udi jaye”, “Laila me Laila aisi hu Laila” and “Oh Zalima” are very well choreographed songs.

Overall, this movie is very well made that appeal to the large population. In fact, attracts people who want to see Shah Rukh Khan in a whole new avtaar. Many of us can relate to the life of Raees for crazy about the business rather than a religion. Attitude he carries is unavoidable. Who does not want to carry the same attitude along with the heavy words and comments that cannot go unnoticed.


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