Reasons of not going back to him after breakup


Nothing was good for her at the beginning. She refused to trust people. Solitude was all she wants. Tears were like never-ending thing for her. Her smile completed faded. She lost the hope in relationship, in promises and in people. She was not looking anything in particular as she had lost all her confidence. Well this article will truely define you some of the reasons of not going back to him after breakup.

He seems so cute and adorable to her. The little-little things he did for her made her heart melt like an ice-cream. No, it will go to the very low-level if we say that he gave her butterflies but instead she got a full zoo. You trusted him so much and he made you happy and satisfied. But now when he disappeared and is out of the picture, you feel so lost. You are clueless about what to do.

Checking his social media just becomes your daily routine to check on him and get to know a piece of information or updates about him. You feel blessed when you see his new picture. Tears keep rolling down your cheeks when you miss him after listening to sad songs. Whole view of your relationship comes in front of your eyes when you sit back and look at the walls or any scene which relates to you. Then a day come, when he decides to appear from nowhere.

Your heart skip a beat when you see his notification. You are obviously going to reply to that message and that’s how you start with a conversation. This helps you in catching the updates of each other. Even though his life is very different from yours, you are happy that he is talking to you. And when he says that he miss you and then tears comes to your eyes and you are jumping.

I want you to stop when something like this happens and think these things:

1. The reasons why you both broke up? Is that reason sorted out? Do you think that it is still worth sorting that reason or problem out?

2. Are you both ready to accept each other the way you are right now and not the person you were back then when you were together? Does he show you enough warmth that you are now all grown up?

3. Does your emotions matter to him? Whether he respect them? Does he acknowledge the fact that you low and going through a lot of hurt? Or he is just making your fun by stating that you are under depression?

4. Know the reason why is he talking to you again? Is it whether he show some guy with you or any comment on your post? Or is it just for curiosity in your life or that new guy in your life?

5. One of the most important thing is to decide whether to go through the entire process of hurting for the same boy?

Take all the memories you have of both of you and keep them in a corner of your heart. Tell yourself that it is a time to move on. You need to grow, learn and lead a new living life. Don’t hurt yourself anymore by waiting for any message from anyone? There is no need to feel bad after checking someone’s social media’s photo or status because who may know that it is true or not. Spend time with yourself and with those people who make you comfortable. Wait for the magic so that someone will appear in your life who will not be like your previous partner.


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