First kiss ever!


Gathering crowd around
Large lit up screen
Showering glitters above
Twilight all over,and I was waiting For my first kiss ever

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Amongst everything around
Only thing, I can see
Her face, glowing, eyes
Twinkling, depth they had

A lot of silence between
I felt, something, they
Said, took me close
To her, face, was blushing

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It happened!!..
For my first time
We made it
My first kiss

I felt her soo..
Soft in me, gently
We did to each other,
Butterflies through me

They whispered
Each other, something, close
Time passed as, we
Broke for a breath

Her warm breath
Rushed through me, soo..
Deep was it, I
Was hit by Goosebumps

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I love you, her
Moist eyes spoke
To me, it is eternal
being in love

Looking into her eyes, I
Was smiling, after she
Looked down my face
Close we came..

It happened again

My first kiss again
We did it again and,
Again and again and again..

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