7 Incredible facts about Earth


Universe is the thing which excites us the most. But if we talk about our mother planet, Earth then how many we know completely about it. Or let me reverse the question that how many of us know exactly the 7 Incredible facts about Earth?

1. The shape of the Earth is not round

No, I am not a part of the Flat Earth but of a sphere one.  One may ask why it is not in a shape of perfect circle. This all is due to the gravitational forces and how many of you know about the existing bulge around the equator. 3,949.99 miles is the polar radius of the Earth whereas 3,963.34 miles is the Equatorial radius.

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2. The name “Earth” comes from Anglo-Saxons

Names of Greek or Roman Gods were useful to name every planet in our solar system expect our planet, Earth. The name Earth has come from “Erda” which is an Anglo-Saxons word. The meaning of the word “Erda” is ground or soil and this name is thousand years old. But the name has irony in it, as the Earth is covered mostly with water. 71 percentage of the Earth has water rather than soil. This is the only planet in the entire universe which has such significant amount of precious fluid in the liquid form.

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3. Well, the day is not of 24 hours

People often ended up complaining that they don’t have enough time and this is so true. 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds is the exact time that Earth takes to rotate on its axis.

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4. The planet with Plate Tectonics is Earth

According to scientists, our planet is has seven major plates of crust, which moves 4 inches per year in different directions. Well, you can now relate the theory of born of mountains when the plates crash into each other. The formation of valleys takes place when they get apart. But what makes us scared is the fact that it causes earthquakes and volcanoes too. But everything bad comes along with good and hence this whole process allows carbon to replenished and as well as recycled. All of us know that carbon is very essential for our living existence.

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5. Theia is a twin planet of Earth

According to the scientists, we had a twin planet named Theia and that is why we were not alone in our orbit around the hot Sun. It was equal to the size of Mars along with 60 degrees temperature. Before 4.533 billion years, during one afternoon both the planets, Earth and Theia crashed into each other. Most part of Theia was absorbed by the Earth but a large part blew off and combined with other materials to form Moon. Why do scientists think this? As for the planet of our size, our Moon is unusually large and it has similar metallic isotopes as the Earth.

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6. 90% oceans are unexplored

The people of Earth are successful enough to visit other planets such as mars and also the moon. But barely have they visited the depth of the enormous ocean. But if we talk about the deep blue seas then only less than 10 percent of the whole is familiar to the people. The oceans are full of life having 97 percent of water and as well as 9 percent of living area. Marine life has more than 25 million species but only 212,906 are familiar.

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7. -128.6 F is the coldest temperature

While we believe that the coldest place on Earth is Antarctica with -100 degree Celsius but -128.6 degree F is recorded on July 21, 1983 at Vostok Station in Antarctica and this makes it the coldest spot.

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