Treehouse: One of our Childhood Dreams


Most of us whine that our life isn’t adventurous or say it is not happening. Have you ever thought of leaving this common life and doing things which are abnormal, remarkable or extraordinary? Let me tell you who lives in a Treehouse which most of us keep dreaming about in our childhood.

Foster Huntington who is 28 years old actually lives in the Treehouse in Washington. But no, it is not from starting that he lives this way. He has also lived in VAN giving us more wide dreaming area and goals to live in a different way. Six years ago, this person used to work at a fashion job in New York. While he was working, at the same time he started a blog called “The Burning House”. People shared images of the items that they would recklessly snatch if there house were on blaze. This blog was optioned for a book by Harper Collins who ask Huntington to quit his job and begin an adventure for which he will be paid.

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The first step he took was spending his time surfing, campaigning and doing freelance photos and social media work for some brands like Patagonia. He was among the first outdoor photographers who learned how to make money using Instagram through photos.

But after sometime, he started meeting and taking photos of other traveling van people on the roads and he used to share them under a famous hashtag #vanlife. So, for experiencing the same thing even he started living in a van after seeing the other people. He became jokes to his friends. They used to poke him by saying that how chill living in a van was. Instagram as well as the hashtag both grew steadily. On traveling, when he used meet fellow campers, he used to kickstarter to fund “Home Is Where You Park It” which is a photo book showcasing the exciting rig that he encountered.

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After one and half year which he spent in a van, he upgraded to Toyota Tacoma along with bunch of campers. Well, the van keeps breaking down. He explained that it is one thing when your car breaks down and it is entirely different thing when your house breaks down.

After another one and half year, he decided to settle down like any normal person would think. So, he built the Treehouse. He mentioned that he used to built shitty treehouse in his childhood and he wanted to accomplish this dream as a grown up. While looking at his Treehouse, it looks so normal like any other house. His Treehouse includes a wood-fired hot tub as well as stake bowl. Situated on a piece of land which his family has owned for 20 years in Washington’s Columbia River Gorge.

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It took more than one year to build. He built a kick-ass mini camper with the help of his friends. Treehouse has become a center of friends who share the #vanlife culture. It does not matter where will he get in next few years. But what matters is that he is pretty much successful in nailing his whole dream. He brings to us an inspiration of exploring the world and breaks the convention of living at a single place.


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