OK or Not OK


All of us are born OK or in simple words let me tell you that we are good and worthy enough. But at some point of time, we think we are not OK. But there are other rare people on this superb planet Earth. As Earth have all kinds of species, which also includes the people who think that they are not OK. So, where we stand whether we are OK or Not OK?

I am not OK but you are OK

One may think that he/she is not OK but you are. Well, that is a condition where the former person is putting himself/herself in an inferior position in respect with you. This position may arise due to the little ones in a child, having governing parents, bullying colleagues or careless teachers. People having this situation have low self-esteem in particular and they have a habit of putting others because of them. That completely means that they have a driver of “Please Others”.

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I am OK but you are not OK

People in this kind of state feel themselves as the superior one in comparison to the inferior ones who are not OK. This position particularly results into scornful and quick anger. When they talk about others, it will be haughty and arrogant. They compare and talk about their perfections and also about the limitations of others.

This level brings them to the trap into which they fall assuming and pretending that their position makes them better than the rest. But by implication they are not OK. This situation comes across mostly with parents, managers and higher authority. These people have a driver “Be Perfect” and that is why their striving the other person less perfect.

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I am OK and you are OK

When the person considers himself OK and also the other person in the same condition then there is no way to feel inferior or superior. This is the ideal position in many ways. Here, in this situation the person is comfortable with himself as well as with other person.  These kinds of people are confident, content and happy enough. Even, they get with other person in the case of disagreement.

I am OK but you are not OK

This is a very rare position but people who are unsuccessful enough try to project their bad objects or image onto others. As a result, they keep feeling bad and also recognize others in the same condition. This may occur due to dominant relationships in which the person was betrayed and revenged. They may also get widespread to others from the bullies.

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