5 Most Risky Bridges in the World


Check your dare by thinking are you daring enough to climb up on the mountains. Do you think you can cross the most dangerous bridges? Here are 5 most risky Bridges in the World. Well, before letting you know the details of these bridges, here are the things which you should know. There are number of bridges in the whole world. Some bridges connects the countries, some runs across the ocean, bridges that cross ranges of mountains and bridges that ends as a tunnel. There is a large possibility that many people won’t like to visit such bridges after knowing this. But according to me, if you want to bang your fear or experience adventures or crazy rides then you must have the courage to visit these breath taking bridges.

1. Millau Viaduct, France

Until 2012, this was the tallest in the whole world with one of its summit at 1,125 feet or 343 meters. This bridge got “Outstanding Structure Award”. Well, it has 8,071 feet length and it is higher than the Eiffel Tower. English architect Lord Norman Fester and French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux are the designers. It also crosses the valley of the river Tarn.

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2. Bay Bridge, Maryland

It is among the scariest bridge in the world. It very well connects the northern shore region to the eastern shore region. During the awful weathers, it is hard to see ahead. Moreover, it is 5 miles long and it involves risk traveling on it.

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3. Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

It finds its place in the longest curved, that is, 410 feet pedestrian bridges of the world. The construction of the whole bridge was not an easy task at all. Moreover, it was with the help of a helicopter that the entire bridge was lifted. It is situated at a peak of a mountain on Palau Island located in Malaysia.

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4. Ghasa

This bridge is present in Nepal and is one of the risky bridges in the whole world as it is a hanging bridge. Even though, it is terrifying but many people cross it daily. Even some farmers cross this bridge with their goods and camels. It is poorly constructed but even though is crowded and thrill-seeking.

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5. The Oresund Bridge

In 2002, it got “Outstanding Structure Award”. One of its ends is present in Sweden as a stayed bridge and another end is in Demark as a Tunnel. It consists of four lanes and as well as double track railways. The total length of the bridge is 8 kilometers that is 5 miles.

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