Texting effects on teenagers


    With the rapid growing technology, one can find the more use of phones. But texting effects on teenagers remains unnoticed. People uses their phone for various reasons. You can everywhere see the view of people glued to their phone and continuously typing. Let it be the school or college campus, roads, sidewalks or the crowded place. The majority of these people are teenagers. Texting is playing a very important roles in today’s life. As it helps in contacting, sharing information and even for the time pass and entertainment.

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    Texting is basically text messaging. We often called them SMS which stands for Short Message Service. This texting does not confines till sending or receiving a brief electronic message. But also the sound, images and videos which is called as MMS. People are becoming so depend on texting and cellphones that they can’t even think of not using it for few hours. They are not only using it for their professional life but also for their professional life. Therefore people are becoming less social. Most of them talk by texting. This is the reason they don’t talk face to face to face or feel like meeting. This makes the person sitting at one place rather than playing outdoor games.

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    Everything we do has an effect on us. Texting does not only impacting on the ways of sharing information. But also effecting the language skills and writing skills on the person. Texting brings a very important question in our minds. What will the future of literacy? Texting words are reduced to the alphabets which does not have a meaning. It is the cause of the non standard abbreviations. Symbols convey or express the feelings and emotions. These are making the teenagers lazy. Use of the short abbreviations are reducing the quality of grammar they use. Teenagers makes a lot of spelling mistakes as they are habitual of using the short forms. For example, students often write “u” instead of “you”.

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    Limitations of the word limit in the texting make the person to use abbreviation and convey the message in the short form. That is why they don’t even use punctuation. They do not even use the capitalization in texting. It also has a positive impact. We get to interact with other people.

    This is not only changing the habits of reading, writing and thinking but also destroying them. For the modern generation, mobile phones are becoming the necessity. With each passing day, people are becoming more and more dependent on it. Therefore, it is becoming so necessary that at least each individual should have one. Due to the texting, students are making their own style of writing and terminology.


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