Difference between Avenge and Revenge


How many of us knows the difference between avenge and revenge? Well not many of us. And when you ask this question, you will get different and various answers. Some of the people might ending up saying they have the same meaning. Is that so? Let us see.

When a person punishes someone for his wrong doing with the intention of justice then it is known as avenge. Whereas revenge does not deal much with justice but it is personal. Revenge is all about countering attack and causing harm to others.

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One may get confuse if checking the meaning of the two in the dictionary. It says causing pain or harm in return by the person who has already faced the same condition. Therefore, sometimes people use these words interchangeably. The synonyms of avenge is vindication while reprisal, retribution and vengeance are of revenge. In fact, these words have a very diverse ideas as well as meanings. Avenge is all about giving punishment and providing justice. Revenge is all about making the other person suffering by causing pain. Because you think that the other person has caused pain to you. And this thinking or believe can be real, superficial, or fancied.

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For the better differentiation between the two, let us discuss an example. Suppose a child saw killer murdering his father. After he grew up, he wants to kill the murderer in the same way how the killer did. This is what we call revenge. But taking the killer to the police or the court for the trial. And making sure that after his conviction he goes to jail. This is avenge.

We all have the two options and it is completely our choice. It highly depends on the person’s understanding and the pain he has suffered. The circumstances have a huge effect on the path you choose but what matters is your state of mind. Consider the both, past and future how they are to effect after your actions.


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