What do women want from a man?


Every girl sits back and thinks about the kind of boy they wish or they expect to turn up as their real hero in life. Dreams make your wishes more strong and this is what exactly happens. If ask what you want from your man then every girl will turn up with a different answer. Women may want a lot of things in a man but there are few things that really make a difference. So, let us see what do women want from a man?

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Let me tell you, it is not at all easy to please a woman. Maybe, this is a real reason why many of the man have lost in love think. Coming to the reality, I think every woman want her man to understand her. And even provide her a good company. If you know what qualities are needed to become a better man than I guess you will surely know what women want in a perfect man. But let us start with the simple things:

1. Man who can encourage her often

I know, every man try his hardest to impress the girl in the first few weeks. I must tell you that you always forget this little thought once you get into a serious relationship. While the flush and the excitement of love that flickers for man but it does not apply in the same way for girls. Moreover, women always want their man to treat them with affection and love.

2. Make your woman feel envied

Well, I promise if you can make your girl feel like that she stands out of the crowd and she is better than the rest than trust me you are winning this game. She is going to fall in love with you with each passing day.

3. Man who appreciates her

Man looks forward to please their woman. But if she does not acknowledge your gesture and does not appreciate your efforts, aren’t you going to feel bad? This is what exactly happens with woman. A man should always appreciate her even for her small gesture that she is putting efforts into just to make you please.

4. A man who makes her proud

Woman always loves the man who is a successful one in his life. Make her proud of your achievements. When she feels proud of you, then she will only love you more and more.

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5. Make her laugh

No, I don’t mean that you need to be a clown but I am just telling girls like a boy with a sense of humor. You need to have a happy side. A family may like a serious man for their daughter but a fun man is just a perfect one.

6. Care about woman

At the starting of your relationship, your concerned about your woman is easily visible. You don’t need to put a full stop to this quality as you think that your relationship has crossed the stage of flirty relationship. Woman always love the one who always pay attention to them and cares about them. Always look forward where her interest lie.

7. Dependable person

Your abilities and your favors make a significant role in her life. When a woman needs a favor then put your best efforts to help her out. Don’t make excuses. If she can depend on you now, she won’t find it difficult in future.

8. Treats her equally

The important factor in relationship is respecting each other. I know both of you don’t possess the same qualities but respecting your woman, you admire her. She will feel that you take her seriously. And this is the most important quality that a woman wants in a man with whom she is going to share her life with.


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