Tears are never ending


I thought I will remain forever the way I was. But I was so wrong to challenge the power of God. Frustrated with my life, negativity was taking me through all the paths where. I shouldn’t have been. Fights seemed necessary every day. Tears are never ending. No, I am not alone in this world. I have a daughter of mine.

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The story started with me falling in love with Aisha, who always proves the quote brain with beauty. Trust me; she was the powerful businesswoman who can take her own stand boldly enough to knock anyone down. I was almost flattered in my first meeting with her. She proved me wrong. Believe me, I didn’t even feel bad for it. Business meetings turned into the personal meeting. I still don’t understand what she saw in me. But to me, it was unbelievable to have such a life partner. Soft voice, loving, understanding and caring. Not only had she known about the tactics of business but also the rituals and responsibilities of the family.

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I have always wondered how she was able to balance her life in such a great way. Our love started its magic on us and finally we got married. It was totally her decision whether to work or not after the marriage and she decided to work. My family didn’t have any complain. After a year, we got the real feeling of being parents. Yes, she was pregnant. Now to her, everything was related to her baby. None of us were bothered whether it was going to be a baby girl or to be a baby boy. At the night, when we were talking she told me that now she wants to spend her life with her baby and as a housewife. I knew her life was taking a different place.

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After few months, came a time what for what we were waiting for so long. She was in a room in hospital and after the check-up doctor came to me and told me about the complications and we needed to decide between her and a baby. She meant to me more than anything in this world. But to her, it was all about have a baby. She said – Akarsh, I know this is the hardest time for you. But, I want to give you all the pleasure of having someone whole through your life. The one who can hold your hands and give you all the happiness. Even though if I have abortion, I won’t be able to live the way I used to.

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I can’t die each day, so let me do what I am doing. And like before, she did what she wanted to. I hope, at that time she must have thought about me. Its me who is dying each day.


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