Movies Restaurants that exist in Reality


How many of us notice other things in movies rather than actor and actresses? Are we aware that restaurants also play a huge role in television series and movies? Many scenes involve shooting in the restaurant which makes me wonder how it will feel like to visit such places. Some restaurants are even inspired by the movies and one is even the real one where scenes were shot. Here is the list of the movies restaurants that exist in reality:

1. Café Grumpy in Girls

If you visit New York City, then try coffee at this place. It is the real coffee shop where American television series, Girls was featured. This cafe is the original as well as first café in Brooklyn, New York. It exists since 2005. One day a location scout asked the owner of the restaurant if they could rent the café for the shooting of Girls. Even the production house is next to café.

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2. The Krusty Burger in The Simpsons

Fans of The Simpsons will recognize the founder of The Krusty Burger, Krusty the Clown. It is shown as a fast food burger chain which is unhealthy and has incompetent staff and distasteful food in the show. It is situated at The Universal Orlando Resort theme park in Florida. One can have a Deep Fried Krusty Burger, The Clogger, Mother Nature Burger and much more. The real life restaurant is not bad as depicted on the screen in Springfield.

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3. Bistrot Chez Remy in Ratatouille

The story of Ratatouille comes to life in this restaurant. The real life restaurant is in Disneyland Paris. It is in such a way that it make diners feel like that they are the size of rats. Gigantic plates are used as room dividers, chairs looks like bottle caps. Umbrellas over tables will remind you tropical cocktails.

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