Coconut in Daily Life


Coconut has slowly find its place from our daily cuisines to beauty regimens. It has gained its place in hot and versatile food commodity. Before fee years, coconuts have a bad reputation and considered as artery clogging. It was thought to be a cholesterol packed food contributing to heart disease. But nowadays it is making a huge comeback as a miracle food. They contain high amount of nutrition, vitamins,minerals and rich in fibers. There are some amazing health benefits that coconuts provide.

There are two varieties of coconuts – young and mature. Young coconuts have more water and soft gel like meat whereas the mature coconut has less water and firm meat. Out of the two, young coconuts are more enhancing as the water it provides is the highest source of electrolyte. This electrolyte keeps the body hydrated and thus the muscles and nerves can function properly. This is the main reason why we should prefer the young coconut after the intense workout rather than the advertised commercial sports drink.

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The coconut water has low calories, carbohydrates, sugar and is fat free. Whereas it is rich in absorbing acid, vitamin B and proteins. The soft meat or flesh of coconut inside helps in restoring oxidation tissue damage and is a source to healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Some people are still whether to use coconut oil or not. People think it is not good for health due to the saturated fats. The mistake is that we are not talking about hydrogenated coconut oil but the pure cold-pressed coconut oil. It is rich in medium chain fatty acid that boostmetabolism and aid in fat loss. It helps in maintaining the digestive track and detoxify the body.

Coconut oil is also useful for cooking. It is the most stable oil while cooking with high heat and no harmful byproducts are formed. It also play a role as moisturizer and thus is applied on skin and hair for nourishing.

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Let’s us discuss the benefits it has:

1. Due to insulation reduction, it protects the body from cancers and removes free radicals that cause premature aging and degenerative disease.

2. Helps in losing weight.

3. It supports the immune system health as it is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti parasitic.

4. It helps in improving digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

5. It restores thyroid function and support it.

6. Protection against kidney disease and bladder infection.

7. It helps in keeping hair and skin healthy and youthful looking. It also prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, and provides sun protection.

8. Reduction of heart problems and improves good cholesterol.

9. It is a source of providing quick energy and increases physical and athletic performance.



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