Naam Shabana


Naam Shabana is a spin-off the Baby, hit movie of 2015. Let us see if this movie can match up with the success of Baby. The cast of the movie includes big names like Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpayee and Prithviraj Sukumaran. Shivam Nair is the director of the movie while Taapsee Pannu is playing the lead role of Shabana.

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This movie has a mind-blowing package which includes action of Taapsee kicking off some serious butt, one liners of Akshay Kumar. This movie has a lot of thrills and that is why it is a crowd pleaser. Taapsee is playing the role of Shabana who is a reserved second year B.Com student. Her life revolves around two things. One is Kudo training and the second one is her widow mother. Taher Mithaiwala is playing the role of Jai who is Shabana’s classmate. He helps her ferrying back and forth the college as she does not entertain her declaration of love. But they meet on their date, she ends up telling him about her past and reciprocates his feelings. But their blooming romance is cut when on their way back to home, they meet with eve-teasers and then a tragedy follows.

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There are many strong points and dialogues in this movie which most of the women gets agreed to. After this point the actually story starts. Shabana is the lethal spy. When Shabana ask Manoj Bajpayee why agencies choose her out of the crores of people then a very bold line is said by him. “Females are born with an extra strain in their DNA. Mardon ko gadgets ki jarurat padti hai auratein pre-configured aati hai.”

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Akshay Kumar makes a comeback with a dialog during a conference “Mantriji to aaj bhut busy hai.” There is also an action time when both villain and hero rip off their shirts to have a fist fight. Prithviraj Sukumaran is playing a role of hunky antagonist. He is dangerous as well as handsome. After years of painstaking, he divulges key information about himself and stays under the radar. It is not explained that why Shabana should take out him while Akshay sits back and twiddle his thumbs.

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This movie provides the audience some enjoyable moments. Taapsee is the real hero of the movie but Akshay takes limelight from her as he said “Itni door se aaya hu, kuch to karne do.” Shabana is told that her muslim identity is beneficial to the agency as “Aaj kal ke jo halat hai us mein tumahre religion ki waja se humara access badhta hai aur raste khulte hain.”

The climax of the movie is nail biting. Naam Shabana shows how easy it is to get rid of bad guys. If you want to see Naam Shabana then don’t go with the expectations of watching something action-thriller such as Baby.


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