Do not compromise things in your relationship


Relationship is not easy to handle, one have to make compromises to stay in it. You cannot stay longer in it if you stay with your terms and conditions. As it is a two-way street. But at the same time, you cannot compromise everything to make your relationship work. So you need to have a clear idea between the two: What you can compromise and what you cannot? Therefore, it is important to know where to bow down and where to stand. You need to be careful enough so that you do not compromise things in your relationship.

1. Your friendship

If your partner sees that your friends are treating you poorly. Your partner gets concerned then you should understand that it is coming out from love and you should hear the worries. But if your other half is asking arbitrarily to cut ties with your friends then don’t yield this point. Even if the situations comes where you partner have some personal issues with one of your friend but you like that friend. Then it is not necessary that to cut the ties, it is not your problem, it is your partner’s problem. You don’t have to give up one for the other.

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2. Your beliefs and values

Nobody likes to be in a relationship with someone who has entirely opposite values. Then it does not mean that you have to stop following yours or change your values to fall in line with theirs. Obviously, it is not necessary that you have to always agree with your partner. Moreover, what can help you here is an enriching healthy informed debate. You don’t have to lean towards the ignorant ideas which are offered.

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3. Your dreams

Dreams play a very huge role in one’s life. We all know that dreams always do not come true but it is completely your right and choice to chase them. If your partner is not allowing you to do so then you are with a wrong person. Your partner should be a person who should provide you unconditional support to find your happiness. Except dreams like something illegal or hurting someone.

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4. Treated

You should never compromise how your partner should treat you. You should be treated with respect. If you are treated with something less than the respect or your expectations consistently then there is nothing you should tolerate. Love does not say that you have to compromise with your self-respect or self-esteem to continue in a relationship.

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5. Your family

Enough time is necessary to spend with your family. Your family should not left behind in catching up with your partner. Always remember that new relations cannot be built at the cost of the old ones.

Relationship does not ask you to leave your priorities. It even does not ask you to ignore the way you live. There are the things that both the sides needs to understand. In fact, your love gives you enough strength and understanding to live your life easily and happily.


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