4 things every insomniac will relate to


This article is for those who find themselves awake when rest of the world is sleeping which means you are an insomniac. If you struggle to sleep at night than trust me you are not alone including me and many others who are insomniac. 4 things every insomniac will relate to:

1. Gaze at a clock for long time

A very terrible aspect which concerns the sleep disorder is the oppression that time moves very quickly. Even if you stare at your phone, roof or walls, nothing other than the time moves. When you close your eyes, you can almost hear your pulse beating in your ears.

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2. You get drain

When you don’t get enough sleep and you feel drain then it is almost impossible for you to accomplish something beneficial in the meantime. There is a large population of the world which works innovatively after the midnight. They sleep during the day and work during night. So, for insomniac it is an option to utilize this time rather than simply waiting to get sleep.

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3. Sleep comes as a surprise

If you are an insomniac then it does not mean that you cannot rest. There are some people who are not very used to rest. But they can just give it a try for some time and they might get a surprise in the form of sleep.

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4. Most of your choices are made at night

Nights are more peaceful in comparison to days and that s why you prefer making most of the choices at night. You have a tendency to think and settle at better choices at nights.

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No one is going to relate and understand you feeling if they themselves are not insomniac. Your life is totally different and that is why many people fail to relate to your actions and decisions.


    • Surely, this article is of great help. Many needs to have a deeper knowledge on this topic especially those who experience it.


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