Different Types of Yoga


An irregularity in the body affects the mind and in the same manner restlessness in the mind affects the body. This is why yoga is important as it massages organs and strengthens muscles. It has other advantages too such as releases stress and improves immunity.  Yoga is not any religion but is a way of living which targets towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. It helps in balancing all the three physical, mental and spiritual being.

If you are attending the yoga classes on the regular basis but still can’t differentiate between Anusara and Ashtanga or hot yoga and hatha, then you do not need to worry. We are going to provide you a cheat sheet to various styles of yoga being taught today. Through it, you can search and find the class of yoga that you would love to do.


It was developed in 1997 by American yogi John Friend. It is relatively a newcomer to the world of yoga. All of us has some intrinsic goodness, this yoga helps people open their hearts, experience grace and let their inner goodness shine out.

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It is pronounced as vin-yah-sah. Vinyasa has come from a Sanskrit word for a phrase which means “to place in a special way”. This totally refers to a sequence of poses in hatha yoga. If you are going to attend the classes of Vinyasa yoga then let me tell you that they are known for their fluid movement and intensive practices. During the yoga, teachers teach their class to smoothly have a transition from one pose to another. Moreover, the smooth background music is played to make them feel lively. The practice is very similar to Ashtanga but let me tell you that no two classes of vinyasa are same.

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It is the best way to relax your frayed nerves. The class uses bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop student in poses so that the body does not have much exertion and can enjoy the benefit of a pose. One good restorative class is much more relaxing than a nap. Furthermore, many gyms and studios offer this class on Friday nights.

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Ashtanga was popularized and brought in the 1970s to West by PattabhiJois. It is based on ancient yoga teachings. Ashtanga is similar to vinyasa yoga. It follows a particular sequence of postures and every step links and every movement links to breadth. The difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa is that Ashtanga follows the exact same poses in the exact same order. In fact, it is really a hot, sweaty and physically demanding practice.

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Before 30 years, a school of yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury where classes are held in artificially heated rooms. This class is going to make you sweat like never before as you are going to perform a series of 26 poses. It is one of the easiest classes to find as it is wildly popular.

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Hatha is a generic term that refers to any yoga which teaches physical postures. Most of the classes which are taught in West are Hatha yoga. Moreover, here you will learn the basic yoga postures. You are probably are not going to sweat but will end up feeling longer and relaxed.

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