Common problems students face in college


Students from different college present their unique stories to the world. For most of the students, the time spent in college is the happiest one with a lot of memories. But some common issues always remain a part of every college student life. No one deny the fact of facing the common problems students face in college.

1. Homesickness

Accept it or not, all of us at some point of time face homesickness. The freshers in the college especially the hostellers suffers more from this as it is the first year at a new place away from their family.

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How can you reduce this feeling or get rid of it?

Visit your home once in a week or a month if possible. Ask your family members and friends to call you more often. Sending care packages by family assist in reducing the pain of homesickness. Making friends and letting out your feeling to someone especially the one will the similar feeling can help you out.

2. Food that does not taste like Mom’s food

True fact: Everyone loves the handmade food of their mother. There is no comparison to the taste it has. And coming to the hostel food, it sucks. You can ask your mom to cook the food of your choice but hostel has no such option. Hotel mess offers you the food which you are surely going to hate.

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3. Time Management

College makes you face academic challenges. College life requires much more effort than the school life. It requires efforts to stay on the top with the multiple talents which sometimes seems impossible. Even though, the purpose of this is to make you more knowledgeable but that does not mean studying all the time. It is necessary to have a proper schedule including studies, fun and breaks to make you fresh with a clear mind. Don’t accumulate everything for a single day, instead do little-little everything even studies.

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4. Depression

Every problem in this list adds to stress level of students and make them emotionally weak. Few may find the temporary relief by partying but this is not good in long run which further leads to depression. To come out of this, you need to seek for professional support. Many campuses offer the facility of counseling programs and sessions for students through which they get back to their normal life.

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5. Social problems

Carrying the jolly and friendly nature will help you in making more friends. But not everyone is so lucky and faces social problems. Establishing connection and building community takes efforts such as you need to spend time with your classmates and roommates. Remember, spending too much time together will be challenging which may be lead to the conflicts. Social relations are also be a part of distractions.

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6. Relationship

Relationships are good but they can be devastating too. They need a quality investment of time which may begin to affect your studies. There are times when there are disagreement in couples and you get distract from your studies and normal schedule. Break-ups add to stress and further lead to depression.

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7. Debt

Along with high fees, students have cost of housing, meals, textbooks, partying and transportation too. This leads to the unmanageable debt. Many drop out of the college as they cannot manage the expenses and start looking for a job. Others look for a part-time job in order to complete their studies. Peers often borrow money from their colleagues or end-up in indulging wrong activities. Taking loans also increase stress as it takes a lot of time and effort for the repayment.

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8. Physical and mental problems

To afford tuition fees, students look forward for a job. Managing studies, job, relationship and extra curriculum activities is difficult. What students try to do is overworking which results in a lack of sleep. Without enough rest, students face physical and mental problems. Poor self-care, increased stress and lack of sleep leads to sickness.

Prioritize according to what is important and then schedule your time-table. Don’t overstress yourself. Eat healthy food and take proper sleep.

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9. Partying

Party is not a problem but is a great way to reduce or blow-off stress. But partying also creates problem. Poor choices of alcohol and drugs are a risky behavior. It poses the students to a health risk, deadly situation and criminal activity.

Partying is equally important as studies but make sure that you take it in a responsible way. It is better to know your limits.

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10. Major/Job

It is really important to decide what you are going to choose between major and job. Because this will only decide your future and right decision will make you feel hugely.

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It is worth facing these problems and struggles during college life. There is no limit to which you can have stress but good times will overweight it.


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