Avoid negative thoughts even during most unfavorable circumstances


It is no secret that everyone gets carried away by negative thoughts. In fact, it seems easier to think about negative thoughts than the positive one. But we should have a capacity to avoid negative thought even during most unfavorable circumstances. There is no definite volume of negative thoughts as they keep changing according to the situation, mood, and circumstances. The cause of these negative thoughts is unpleasant situations, problems, and difficulties. Most of the times, people are not even aware of what they are thinking they get easily carried by negative thoughts and mood when listening to bad news or problems of people.

Avoid negative thoughts even during most unfavorable circumstances

It would be good to avoid negative thoughts but as we all know it is easier to say than to do. Here are some techniques to avoid negative thinking:

  1. Be aware of your thoughts. The thought is an automatic progress that is why most of us fail to recognize what we are thinking. But once you are aware of your thoughts then you can easily avoid the negative ones.
  2. When you are aware that you are thinking negative then try to think about something else or better something positive or uplifting.
  3. Talk to people who have jolly nature and watch a movie that is funny and not stressing.
  4. Don’t remind yourself about the bad things that you have done or that had happened to you. Instead, think of happy moments. Look for the motive of your life and something good in it too.
  5. Isn’t it good to align your thinking with your actions? It means the focus on what you are doing that will give no space to negative thinking because you are thinking of what you are doing.
  6. Use this idea: Close your eyes and imagine doing something which you like the most that give you peace. For example sitting under a tree, walking on a beachside is a good idea to imagine.

Remind yourself of the happy events or any positive thoughts.

Meidtation to avoid negative thoughts

  1. Always have an attitude that minor problems and difficulties are not special enough to worth your time and energy.
  2. If any negative thought stays for a long time then write them down and find by yourself if any truth lies in it.
  3. Don’t ever fight with your thoughts as this will make your thoughts even stronger. The best option is to treat them like an uninvited guest. Show your detachment and lack of interest to them.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Train yourself with meditation and yoga which will give you the inner strength to overcome these negative thoughts.



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