Myths Vs. Reality About a Perfect Woman


From time immemorial men have tried to describe the perfect woman. The alchemists, mathematicians and other unemployed people struggled with the question, “How does look like a woman with whom it is easy, simple and pleasant to live?” There were lots of options, but, alas, the objects were incompatible with reality. This article is kindly provided by the site

  • She isn’t jealous of other women.

Myth. A perfect woman will not throw a tantrum, having found out that you look at other women. It isn’t due to her indifference, she just feels with her spinal cord that you are faithful to her and knows that you love her. Therefore, you can easily communicate with the ex.

Reality. You can meet such women, but often, their patience is connected either with complete indifference to your person, or she is of the same loose morals as you are.

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  • She doesn’t require expensive gifts.

Myth. A perfect girl does not ask to buy expensive cosmetics or clothes. She prefers more budget options, but she is still a perfect looking woman. If she wants something special, she will buy it herself. It’s not necessarily about low needs or an ascetic worldview, she just spends her salary wisely.

Reality. You will have to give some presents because no woman wants to live with a greedy man, who is not able to give even a bunch of flowers. This is the truth of life. Even the strongest and most independent women like attentive men who give presents.

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  • She is beautiful and sexy.

Myth. The perfect woman according to men is always ready for sex and is not afraid of any experiments. Therefore, you have already tried anal, group sex and other vicious, forbidden delights. She’s perfect passionate lover who cares about your pleasure. You will not find a gram of excess weight on her body, so you can enjoy physiological and aesthetic pleasure. She watches herself and wants to feel wanted, she knows how to be a perfect woman.

Reality. Bear in mind that this will not last forever. Over time, the beauty fades, she will not watch her appearance at home, and there will be no space for romance. She is too tired to have sex, and your sex is quite boring. By the way, if you do not watch yourself, do not expect the same from your woman.

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  • She doesn’t have PMS.

Myth. The most important and, perhaps, the most desired thing is that she doesn’t have premenstrual syndrome. A perfect woman does not even know such words. She is always fine, almost always in a good mood and in her right mind. She will not kill you because you breathe unpleasantly on her while sleeping.

Reality. It is known that a bigger part of men is sure that the premenstrual syndrome is their main enemy. However, PMS can happen only once a month, it’s like a disease that cannot be avoided anywhere.  It’s quite another matter if the girl throws a tantrum when she doesn’t have “these days.” She has problems either with the character, with upbringing, or with the head.

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  • She doesn’t ask for help.

Myth. The perfect woman does not need anything from you. She can do everything herself, she can even screw in a light bulb. She will not format the hard drive with the words, “I clicked something, and everything closed.” And most importantly, she will not share with you her stupid, ridiculous problems and stories about her women friends. A perfect woman should understand that her man is tired because he actively imitated working activity. Ability to meet challenges on her own is what makes the perfect woman truly perfect.

Reality. If you meet such a woman, she will pass by you. You don’t want to give moral support and talk to her at home. Do not worry, she will easily find someone useful, handy and understanding.

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