10 Skills You Never Know Alexa Can Perform


Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo Speaker is one of the fastest selling and hottest gadgets over the past few years. Out of the box, this device can do a number of impressive things. With the ever-growing pace of technology, numbers of features are also expanded in this device. However, developers are still working to add more to its list with more than 7,000 skills which are still counting. Here are 10 skills you never know Alexa can perform.

1. Feed your dog

Let Alexa help you out with your dog’s health in your busy schedule. No, we don’t mean that Alexa will grow arms and feed your dog. Instead, it will get connected to smart dog feeders like Frubo or Petnet which are helpful in commanding remotely to dish out treats. Furthermore, configure Link AKC Smart Collar with Alexa so that you can have a watch on the exercise of your dog which will help you in making healthier living options for your pet. Absolutely, there is no need to depend on other smart accessories in order to take care of your dog. Just enable Dog Feeder Skill and set up a feeding schedule for your dog that will keep track of its diet, food habits, and food timings.

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2. Solve conversions and maths problems quickly

Sometimes, we don’t have time to invest in finding the answer to our calculations. But even pulling out your phone and doing things manually requires time. Here is the right time when you need to use Alexa. The most convenient use of Alexa is to provide quick calculations and conversions.

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3. Play music on all your Alexa speakers at one go

Amazon rolled out a special feature that lets its users stream its music to different groups of speakers simultaneously. Create an audio group in the Alexa app using the Sonos-like feature and then say, “Alexa play Manchester Orchestra on (group name)”.

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4. Finance

Alexa can help you in several ways when it comes to financing. Cryptocurrency is very popular these days. Use Cryptocurrency Flash Briefing Skill to keep up with your current investments. Moreover, Capital One Skill allows you to make a use of your credit card. This skill requires the security check. Also, try Opening Bell to check stock prices. For example say, “Alexa, ask Opening Bell for the price of Yahoo”.

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5. Check in on family members

Want to keep in touch with people who are far away from you? Then Alexa is a right device to use that helps in teleporting. Once you command it such as “Drop in on Grandfather”, you are going to find yourself virtually in his room where his echo device is present. After hearing your words, Alexa opens up a conversation channel between the two so that you can see and chat with the person. It seems as if the person is sitting just next to you. But don’t think, Alexa will let anybody and everybody to “drop in” without any notice. To access this feature, there is a requirement to set up a list of permissible people and places using Alexa app installed on your phone.

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6. Send messages and make calls

Yes, Alexa has an ability to make calls and send messages to other Alexa users. If the person is in your contact list as well as an owner of an Amazon Echo, whether Eco Dot or Eco Show and has enabled call will be seen in your contacts list of Alexa. Use command, “Alexa, send (name) a message” to send a message and “Alexa, call (name)” to call. Another fantastic option is Drop-In, which helps you keep a check on your loved ones. It is a voice or video call, but it is just that the other person doesn’t have to answer.

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7. Ask which wine suits with your food

When you have no idea which wine pairs well with your food then don’t worry, MySomm Skill is there to help you out. Also, you can use What Beer? Skill if you want to know about beer. To know the ingredients of a recipe, enable The Bartender. This skill is helpful in dissecting your favorite cocktails. Furthermore, use Starbucks Reorder Skill to place an order using Alexa. For making this skill to work, first, you have to place a mobile order with the Starbucks App on Android or iOS. It will also show the last 10 Starbucks locations that you have already visited. Use Pizza Hut and Domino’s Skill to place an order. Try, Meal Idea for recipe ideas and also use Best Recipes Skill for recipes and food recommendations.

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8. Make use of light ring as a night light

You can get to know all sorts of information, such as miss call or message, level of the volume or whether the mic is turned off with the help of light ring on Alexa Speakers. But this light ring is also useful as a subtle night light. You can even set a time limit for the night light. To enable this skill just command, “Alexa, open night light for 20 minutes” or else it will be on until you command it to stop.

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9. Order an Uber

If you need to travel from your present location to anywhere, you can order Alexa to get you an Uber. Just say, “Alexa, ask Uber to get me a car”.

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10. Use your voice to add Alexa skills

Earlier Alexa app or echo.amazon.com was used to add skills to your Alexa devices or to search the skills database. As you needed to add them manually to your device, the process was lengthy. But now you can add skills by voice command. But now if you know the name of the skill that you want to add say, “Alexa, enable Lifx”. It will take few seconds to get this skill enabled and then you can use it.

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Amazon is not willing to stop here. It is trying to make it as personable as possible. Since it was introduced numerous features have been added. There are countless practical uses of Alexa. Give it a try.



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