World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies In Kenya


Sudan was the 45 years old white rhino who was put to sleep as he was in extreme pain because of health-related issues and also due to Infections.The officials from the nonprofit Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya made their decision with wildlife officials to put him to sleep after a rapid deterioration is noticed in his condition. This affected his muscles and bones and also gave him extensive skin wounds and that is why he was unable to stand up and a veterinary team decided to euthanize him. Unfortunately, World’s last male northern white rhino dies in Kenya.

Previously, Sudan used to live at the Dvur Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic and after this, he was transported to Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya which is 250 kilometers north of Nairobi. He used to live with he used to live with his 27-year-old daughter Najin and 17-year-old granddaughter Fatu who were the last two female species of his kind. On Tuesday, these two females were gazing at the Conservancy where the staff was mourning for Sudan.

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He was unable to breed with the female rhinos in captivity. It was last year when his plight came to the attention to the world Ol Pejeta Conservancy signed up Sudan for Tinder to search an eligible mate for him and also to raise funds for researching breeding methods. The team was hoping to raise enough amount nearly $9 million so that they can pay for fertility treatment.

This is truly a tremendous loss to the world but the staff has collected the genetic material of Sudan on Monday which will be useful for conducting the attempt to reproduce northern white rhinos. Scientists are looking for various ways to perform in vitro fertilization.

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Thousands of southern white rhinos still exist in the plains of sub-Saharan Africa. Excessive poaching has resulted in the decreased number of northern white rhinos. Poachers used to earn $50,000 by selling northern white rhino horns per kilo. This makes their horn more valuable than gold. In 1970, there were 20,000 rhinos in Kenya and this number was reduced to 400 in 1990. Now, there are only 650 left and almost all of them are black rhinos.

It is very sad that northern white rhino is extinct now due to poachers. It clearly shows the greedy nature of human and what kind of impact can humans have on nature. If we don’t take care of what we have today then we are surely going to lose it tomorrow particularly we can lose other species which are endangered now.


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