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5 Beautiful and Exotic Islands in India

Water sports, beach parties, meeting new people, long walks, beautiful sunsets, enchanting sunrises reading a nice book, hanging hammocks, and enjoying your dream place for lazy days. This is what a beautiful island is for. In whatever way you want you can associate yourself with these islands to experience good and rejuvenating things. While many islands in India may totally disappoint you but there are 5 beautiful and exotic islands in India that may not fail to give you an ever-remembering vacation. Here is the list of the 5 most beautiful islands that will take your breath away:

1. Majuli Island- World’s biggest river island

5 Beautiful and Exotic Islands in India

Located in the middle of the River Brahmaputra, the world’s largest freshwater island is away from the hustle-bustle of the cities and urban regions. Present 20 kilometers away from Jorhat, the cultural capital of Assam. In 1750, a massive flood caused the natural formation of this island. As it is away from cities, so one can find that this island is less polluted. This island has a total number of 248 villages out of which 166 faces a massive danger due to floods.

It is unique in its own way as it supports the biodiversity system and is home to several exotic birds especially the migratory birds. Moreover, Majuli Island is very popular for its breathtaking sunrises and stunning sunsets. If you want to catch the taste of Assamese culture, then this is just the right place for you. Two exceptional which you are going to find here are moss instead of sand and traditional northeastern cuisine and not seafood. The best time to travel here is between October and December.


2. Great Nicobar Island- The largest island in India

5 Beautiful and Exotic Islands in India

The largest island of India is Great Nicobar Island. With its clear crystal water and amazing flora and fauna is a great attraction to many. If you are planning a small vacation with your family, friends, or spouse then it is the best place to visit. The main attractions of this place are the Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve, Indira Point, Campbell. You will be tempted to take a dip in its water and its surroundings make it a world of its won. Furthermore, you can take a boat or helicopter from Port Blair to reach here. You can enjoy lazy dipping and float on the serene coast. February to June is the best time to visit.

3. Lakshadweep Island- Best Honeymoon island in India

5 Beautiful and Exotic Islands in India

If you don’t know then I must tell you that this island has beautiful 36 palm-laden coral islands. This group makes this island the smallest one in India. The untouched environment is very pleasant which works as a stress buster for you. Moreover, the extraordinary beauty of the island can kill your stress. Here are some famous places to visit such as Minicoy Island, Agatti Island, and Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium. October- May is the best time to visit.


4. Diu Island- Island of Gujarati Heritage

5 Beautiful and Exotic Islands in India

Want to escape to a place where architectural beauty and serenity can stun you? Then Diu Island is your dream world. What makes it different from the other island is its beaches as well as tropical seafood with Gujarati influence. Diu Island has traces of Portuguese culture infused in it. Don’t worry, if you are thinking that alcohol is ban here just like Gujarat then you are completely wrong because it is totally legal here. Some of the main tourist spots are St Paul’s Church, Diu Fort, Seashell Museum, and Gangeshwar Temple. The best time to visit this place is between October to January.

5. Grand Island- Place to Fish and Dive

Grand Island is a beautiful island which is located near Goa. This Island is popular for swimming and scuba diving. One can also enjoy a ferry ride in order to reach here from Goa and this is going to take 20-40 minutes depending on the distance. The main attractions are Sail Rock dive, Suzy’s Wreck dive, Bounty Bay dive, Shelter Cove dive, Dolphins, and spice plantation. Since no accommodation is available here, thus it is open for only 8 hours. This island serves as a base for the Indian Navy, hence there are chances that due to training exercises entry is closed. One must try ship-wreck scuba diving and bait-fishing. October- May is the best time to visit.

Which of these 5 exotic islands in India interest you the most? Explore and experience the most stunning beautiful scenic views and biodiversity here.

Anamika Sharma
Software Engineer by profession and writer by passion. By combining the two, I want to make a better version of myself. Writing gives the foundation in addition to the magical words.

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