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Dedicated to everyone. While reading this, I want you to feel the words and not the writer’s rhythm, relate with yourself if you can, and bring your own rhythm into play. If you TOO miss someone while reading ‘A DREAMER And LOVER BY NIGHT’, then you have my respect for your feelings as you have unlocked my achievement to link my words with your beautiful HEART. If I am unable to touch your heart with my words then my sincere apologies and I promise to connect with each and everyone in the upcoming time.


“A writer cannot connect with every individual but every individual can connect with the writer within him/herself” – Aalok Bhatt

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It’s me who is still feeling your presence,
I can’t forget your beautiful essence.
Time is passing with every day and Night,
I’m still in my dreams having a fight.
I never wanted in my life to disappoint you,
I only wanted to show how much I LOVE YOU.
I always imagine to take you out into the night,
Because I never ever want you out of my sight.
I was always here and still, I am,
If you only cared once in a lifetime.
I dreamt of you to touch my heart and touch my soul,
Only if I knew, it’s the dreams that were about to roll.
It was not only the HEART but the dreams too that Shattered,
Inside me was someone who was fully Scattered.
I always heard but then felt that love is Blind and Cold,
You left on that night and from my eyes, tears Rolled.
If you could hold my hands and hug me tight,
I would capture all the beauty of that sight.
I never imagined you ever on my bed,
I wanted to kiss but only on your forehead.
I always wanted to give you love take all of your care,
It was the dreams that I wanted “US” to share.
I was scared and never wanted it to end,
I took as everything was mine and left you behind.
You were the one and will always be the one for me,
I cannot change you nor I can replace me.
I am a dreamer, it’s the one thing you cannot take,
But now you are gone and all my dreams with you are FAKE!!!!!!!

Dreamer by Aenami on DeviantArt


Dreamer and Lover are co-related but we fail to assume that due to the lack of sensitivity. Dreamer and Lover if stuck together on a positive path then can perform magic like no other.

Aalok Bhatt
Aalok Bhatt
An engineer by Degree and Profession. Reader and Writer for passion and satisfaction. 'Me Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hu, Pal Do Pal Meri Khanni Hai'.

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