About us

Ingenious Scribblers is a team of people who are passionate about writing and are good in playing with words. About us, we believe that writing is not what you learn but this is your feelings coming out of your heart. Scribbling also means sketching and you will be getting an opportunity to see sketches.

Writers are passionate and this is what is the main key to create interest in the writing. They keep track of what is more influential and likable by the readers. Acceptance is necessary and that is why we accept our mistake that leads in making us more strong.

In today’s busy world, people are getting detached from the basic feelings and emotions. And that is what we are dealing with. This is not only the platform to know about a certain topic but about exploring and finding. That is our concern and motive.

But this does not mean that we should leave the other knowledge behind and thus we include the other section of knowledge and awareness too. Knowing about the outer world and relating it to the inner world is just not a task but a beauty that all of us should experience at least once in our lifetime.

Writing often helps you to let out what you are feeling. It lifts the heaviness in your heart. Writing has magic that connects people of similar thinking and also to bring a change that wars and fights can’t. And of course, it goes without saying that a writer is a painter of his own world and a dreamer by nature. We want to create happiness, clarity, and satisfaction through our writing. We want to know why people think in a certain way. The writer is a one who pays attention to the things that the world often forgets to notice.