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Ace an Interview

An interview is an important meeting which decides your future, your career. Thou it needs preparation and practices. It is like a conversation between you and the interviewee in terms of questions and answers. It also transfers information about you or depicts your personality and character, which makes it an essential part to start your journey. So, it’s important to crack interview to start your career because almost every place you have to face interview round.

So, here I will tell you how many types of interviews are there and also what is the criterion to get selected in an interview?

The Types of Interview:

Ace an Interview

These are some basic types of interview styles.

Structured Interview

It is also known as a standardized interview. In this, the interviewer standardized the structure in which the question is asked and the interviewee has to give the answer accordingly. In this interview, the questions are prearranged.

Unstructured Interview

It is exactly the opposite of a structured interview. In this, the interviewer asks the questions which come in his/her mind. There is no reframed question pattern. So, it is more engaging and comfortable.


Stress Interview

This type of interview is basically for those employees who are going to be hired for the hectic or stressful post. The interviewer will judge you by giving you different hypothetical tasks or situations. This puts pressure and stress because the interviewer knows the exact pressure of this post.

Behavioral Interview

Many interviewers use this interview technique widely. In this type of interview, the performance is judge by the interviewee’s past performance. Because of the belief that past performance can predict future performance.

Problem-solving and Case interview

The interviewer uses this type of method to check the candidate’s analytical skills and communication skills. Here you have to solve a real problem given by the interviewer.  

These are some techniques or methods which interviewers use to judge their future employee. Now let us gain some knowledge about the criterion so that one can get select in an interview.

Moreover, there are many ways to train yourself for the interview and to crack it. Here, I will tell you some basic but important things to look after.

Ace an Interview

Do your Research

Researching about the company before appearing for an interview gives you an edge to understand it’s services, products, customers, and competitions which will help you to know what is the exact requirement of the company. And then you can train yourself accordingly. By doing research, you will get to know what kind of environment is there and how you are going to feel and enjoy it there.

Look sharp

Well, looking sharp doesn’t mean you have to carry any blades. Look sharp means you have to select what to wear for the interview. Moreover, depending upon the type of company, you have to dress. Furthermore, select the wrinkleless and spotless dress for you because it gives you confidence.


Be prepared

Bring along an extra folder containing photocopies of your documents, resume, and your references. And don’t forget to bring a paper to take notes. 

Be on Time

Never arrive late to your destination. Moreover, reach the destination 15 minutes prior.

Show enthusiasm

A firm handshake and plenty of eye contact and perfect posture demonstrate confidence. Try to speak distinctly in a confident voice thou you are nervous.


This is one of the most neglected skills. Make sure you listen. Just not only listen but also read between the lines. Sometimes, you have to sense what is said without it was said.

Answer the questions asked:

Sometimes candidates often don’t think about whether they are actually answering the questions their interviewer asks. Make sure you understand the question and if not, then ask for more clarification.

Give specific examples

Give examples that highlight you and your nature. Furthermore, prepare a past short story.

Ask question

Many times, people don’t ask questions and miss the opportunity to find out more valuable information. If you put questions then it will show your interest and curiosity towards the company or an organization. You can ask simple questions like if any quality of mine you find suitable for your organization.

Follow up

By email or any other medium, follow up is a great chance to remind the interviewer of all the valuable traits you bring along with yourself in the company.

So, these are some tips to ace the interview. Hope for Best. Be positive. And well prepared for anything you are going to do because it will increase your chance of winning.

arpit Kushwaha
arpit Kushwaha
I am passionate about Software Development, idea building and I keep thinking about the ideas. But this lockdown has helped me to find my hidden talent. By writing, I can express my feelings and also share my knowledge.

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